10 Things You Didn't Know About Saweetie–By Saweetie

6. The next thing I hope (and know) I’ll get is a Bugatti. I’m a car girl and I’d love to add to the selection. I know I just got a Bentley but a Bugatti is my dream of dream cars. I’d like to believe in another life I was a NASCAR driver. Purses are cool but I definitely want an elaborate car selection.

7. The last thing I Googled was, “How do streets get named?” I have this habit of Googling every time I have a thought, and one day I noticed the name of a street sign. I started thinking if I were to ever buy land, I’d have some cool street names. If it’s your land, you should be able to name it however you want to name it.

8. I’d like to learn how to build a pyramid. I’ve learned that the mathematical construction behind pyramids is so intricate and almost impossible. So, I’d love to teleport back to that era and see how they built it. They say aliens built it, but I don’t know. As we continue to evolve with technology and get smarter, we still somehow cannot figure out how they built those pyramids!

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