The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why was the most tweeted show of 2017. The highly anticipated and critically acclaimed show has been a huge success since it made its debut last May. It gives a powerful, emotional and astute glimpse into the life of high school students and the ultimate suicide of one girl.

Bullying, sexual assault, depression and body shaming are some of the topics that come to light. The series has faced backlash due to the graphic depiction of suicide.

Executive produced by Selena Gomez, the show returns for a second season on Friday, May 18. We chatted with Miles Heizer, who plays Alex Standall, and Ross Butler, who plays Zach Dempsey, about their respective roles, dealing with the controversy and how the series opens up a conversation for teenagers today.

First of all, you guys should be incredibly proud of 13 Reasons Why – it’s a powerful and well-done series tackling important subjects.
Thank you!

Miles, at the end of season one, your character shoots himself. What can you tell us about season 2 and your role in it?
Season 2 for Alex is predominantly about recovery from his suicide attempt and how that affects himself and other people’s perception of him, while he tries to move back into “normal life” as he goes back to school. That’s what his story focuses on this year.

Ross, the character I probably felt sorry for was Zach as you can see he’s trying to treat Hannah right, but due to peer pressure he fails. How does that change in season 2?
I thought about whether people will like Zach more or less after this season and I think they will like him less, because he fails again to stand up for what he thought was right. Instead of explaining to his friends

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