When Durant High (Fla.) football star Grover Wills was shot and killed in a drug deal gone bad, a community was left to search for how a beloved student athlete could be gone so soon. Now we may have some idea: He was shot and killed by a man with two firearm violations since September alone.

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, among other sources, it is widely believed that Wills was shot and killed by 20-year-old Samuel Morrissey Jr. The admitted drug dealer allegedly shot Wills during a marijuana deal gone bad, with Wills apparently trying to sandwich fake bills between real ones before his ruse was discovered. Morrissey Jr. claims that Wills was shot in a struggle over Morrissey’s firearm which emerged when the dealer attempted to repossess his gun after he discovered Wills’ fake bills.

No one denies that Wills placed himself in a dangerous place by attempting the drug deal in the first place. What many are furious about is that Morrissey was still had a firearm on the street in the first place.

As outlined by the Times, Morrissey had two other misdemeanor charges related to possessing a firearm and marijuana that were pending at the time of his arrest for shooting and killing Wills:

The first time deputies arrested Samuel Morrissey Jr., he faced charges of possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed firearm. He plead no contest in September, and the judge gave him a break by withholding adjudication.

Ten days later, the 20-year-old asked for his Glock .9 mm pistol back.

The second time deputies arrested Morrissey, they charged him with carrying a concealed semiautomatic and felony possession of marijuana. The charge was lowered to