3 Cannabis Stocks to Buy Ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election – InvestorPlace

There’s a good number of catalysts for cannabis stocks to buy.

We already know 88% of Americans want legalization, which the current candidates should use to their advantage for votes. In addition, we know that Germany just legalized its use, which could set off a domino effect across Europe. We know cannabis will be rescheduled as a Schedule III drug at some point. 

And we know that Florida will vote on legalization, which could be key to unlocking a potential tripling of the total cannabis market in Florida to $6 billion in sales, as noted by Benzinga.com. Further, a new poll from Florida Politics shows about 64% of Florida voters voting for legalization. “To pass, the constitutional amendment requires at least 60% of the votes cast in November’s election,” added MarijuanaMoment.net.

Here are some of the top cannabis stocks to buy that are likely to see higher highs, especially on Florida’s potential legalization.

Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF) Source: Hudozhnica_Ananas / Shutterstock

Curaleaf Holdings (OTCMKTS:CURLF) is one of the top stocks that could benefit from Florida’s vote for legalization. Alliance Global Partners also raised its price target to $12

In addition, according to CEO Matt Darin, “Our unique exposure to the most significant catalysts on the

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