47 Ohio Municipalities So Far Have Banned Adult-Use Cannabis Businesses

At least 47 Ohio municipalities had opted as of March 31 to ban adult-use cannabis operations enabled by the state legalization law passed by voters last year, according to Ohio State University research summarized by Cleveland.com.

Ohio’s adult-use cannabis program is on track for sales to launch in June — ahead of schedule — after a key legislative committee this week passed a dual-licensing proposal that would let medical cannabis dispensaries start serving adult-use customers.

The moratoriums have so far been mostly temporary with durations set between three months and one year, although local officials in many of the locations can choose to either extend or end the restrictions. Some of the jurisdictions with moratoriums already have operational medical cannabis companies, the report said.

The report also noted that the 47 communities with cannabis business moratoriums represent just 2% of the state’s total incorporated cities and townships.

According to the researchers, the most common reason provided for the moratoriums was to “preserve public health,” followed by those municipalities that are waiting for the full program’s rules to be finalized.

Under the cannabis legalization policy passed last year by Ohio voters, adults aged 21+ are allowed to possess and cultivate cannabis

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