4Front: Cash Flow Break-Even Only KPI That Matters (FFNTF) – Seeking Alpha


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4Front Ventures (OTCQX:FFNTF) Executive Vice President Brandon Mills joins us to discuss how they’re making it work in an incredibly challenging environment. In California, not being even partially vertically integrated was a tough business model to sustain (5:00). Multitude of headwinds (11:40); cultivation, gross margins and Glass House (OTC:GLASF) (15:00), Illinois growth opportunity (22:00); balancing debt, growth and profitability (31:00).


Rena Sherbill: Brandon, welcome to The Cannabis Investing Podcast. Super happy to have you on, been talking 4Front (FFNTF) for a while without actually talking to anybody from 4Front. So, thanks for making the time and coming on.

Brandon Mills: Well, let’s change that. We’re always happy to talk. Thanks so much for having us and looking forward to exploring whatever you want to cover today.

RS: Awesome. We are literally changing that as we speak. Happy to be making the change. 4Front, we’ve been focused on California cannabis for a little bit. And also, some analysts are focused on the non-top MSO players, and 4Front I would say in almost every conversation that we’ve had on

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