As Melissa Nelson prepares to become 4th Circuit State Attorney in January, her administration is taking shape.

Two Chief Assistant State Attorneys, Mac D. Heavener III and L.E. Hutton, were announced on Wednesday. Both Heavener and Hutton worked at the SAO previously.

Heavener currently is deputy chief of the U.S. Attorney Office in Jacksonville, while Hutton is a partner in the Willis, Ferebee & Hutton law firm.

Chosen as Chief Investigator: Timothy Quick, who will manage the office’s investigative staff. Quick is special agent in charge of the Norfolk NCIS office.

In a statement, Nelson affirmed that these hires reflect the spirit of her campaign, in which she routed current incumbent Angela Corey in a closed GOP primary in August.

“Throughout their distinguished careers, Mac, Leh, and Tim have conducted themselves with unquestioned integrity. They bring a wealth of experience to our office and each shares my commitment to tough, but fair and ethical law enforcement,” said State Attorney-elect Nelson.

“Our office will protect our community, safeguard the Constitutional rights of all, and exercise sound stewardship of taxpayer dollars. I am proud to have Mac, Leh, and Tim joining me to lead this important office,” Nelson added.

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