It’s been quite some time since I’ve dedicated any space on this site to the good work of my (former) colleagues in Florida’s political blogosphere. Perhaps this is because I believe I left that realm a long time ago.

There’s some really good work being done in Florida’s political blogosphere, including:

Jacob Engels’ must-read appeal to new Orange and Osceola counties state attorney to reconsider the case of Richard “Scott” Batterson, who was convicted of offering a multimillion-dollar agency contract to a consultant on the condition that his friends were also hired.

This website reported extensively about the wicked web woven by Batterson and other political players in Central Florida politics. There is no doubt Batterson was guilty of felony bribery and solicitation for receiving unlawful compensation. However, the seven-and-a-half year sentence handed down to Batterson does not fit the crime. It is, as Engels explains in detail, draconian.

Engles describes his East Orlando Post as “not your average news site, and we don’t behave like ‘traditional media,’ so get over it.

There’s news from another Central Florida blog, or to be exact, about a Central Florida blog. The great Orlando Political Observer, which has been helmed by the intrepid Frank Torresis now owned by Doug Kaplan, a Winter Park-based pollster and president of market research firm Gravis Marketing.

Kaplan assured readers in the OPO story on the transition that the site wouldn’t be changing much.

“Our audience is a highly educated audience who cares deeply about politics,” Kaplan said. “Many are influencers in politics and government and, in time, Gravis Marketing will use this as a vehicle to distribute polls.”

He goes on to say he wants to add investigative journalism and expand coverage in Lake, Marion, Polk and Osceola counties, with an added emphasis on video content.

As the publisher of a burgeoning website — — dedicated to just that, I say to Kaplan, um,

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