A New Custom Florida Home for a New Year

Still on the fence about acquiring a new custom Florida home? Don’t be!

Now’s a great time to build or buy a new home and there’s no better impetus than the start of a new year. It’s the boost you need to pursue your goal of a larger home, a timely move for career, personal or retirement reasons, or a more carefree lifestyle with a low-maintenance townhome.

Regardless of your buying motivation, there are practical factors to consider as you make your decision in early 2021. We detail three important ones below.

Interest rates remain attractive

Lowering interest rates was a key move by the Federal Reserve to steady and boost a pandemic-affected U.S. economy in 2020.

As of this writing, mortgage rates are still tantalizing for home buyers ready to take advantage of this potential savings. Rates have remained below 3.0 for some time, and although common sense dictates they won’t stay in that arena once the economy wholly recovers, this is an important consideration if you’re ready to move.

Low interest rates can do two things: increase the affordability and opportunity for the home you want or need, plus save you money in the long run because

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