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It’s starting to look like one of those years.

Every so often, a pitcher has the audacity to overstep his boundaries and creep into the MVP conversation. A guy who takes the field once every five days and whose game log has a mere 30-something entries bullies his way into the conversation for an award that, by most accounts, does not and should not belong to people of his kind. On occasion, if the planets line up just right, he even wins the thing. This could be one of those years.

Let’s start with the assumption that Max Scherzer will win the National League Cy Young Award. With seven weeks left in the regular season (remember, ballots are cast before the playoffs), it’s far from a foregone conclusion. But if current conditions hold, the case for Scherzer winning his third consecutive Cy Young is a relatively clear one.

The Nats’ ace swears he’s normal. The evidence — three Cy Youngs, 152 strikeouts in 2018 and a near obsession with minor tweaks — proves otherwise.

A magician in the field, electrifying on the bases and dangerous at the plate, the Cubs star has a

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