Abortion parental consent passes House

In a proposal that likely would lead to another court battle over abortion, the Florida House late Wednesday approved a bill that would require minors to obtain parental consent before they could have abortions.

Lawmakers debated the bill for more than three hours before voting 69-44 to pass the measure (HB 1335). The Senate is moving forward with an identical bill (SB 1774), though it has not come up for a vote on the Senate floor

A parental-consent requirement, if ultimately approved by lawmakers, would likely spark a lawsuit that could wind up before a revamped Florida Supreme Court, which struck down a parental-consent law in 1989.

State law currently requires parents to be notified if their daughters are planning to have abortions, but the bill goes further by requiring parental consent. The bill includes exemptions for situations such as minors who have health emergencies or who already have children.

Bill sponsor Erin Grall, a Vero Beach Republican, argued that parents should be involved in helping minors make decisions about abortions and touted the bill as a parental rights measure.

But Rep. Susan Valdes, a Tampa Democrat, said the proposal “attacks” girls and women.

“I see nowhere

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