Adam Gase debacle: What went wrong, how Jets can learn from it

9:13 PM ET

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — In what is becoming an annual tragicomedy, the New York Jets admitted another huge organizational blunder, firing coach Adam Gase after only two years. It was a questionable hire that turned into an 9-23 disaster. You know things are bad when you’re clowned in a “Saturday Night Live” skit, which happened last month.

As the Jets begin the all-too-familiar process of searching for a new leader, they would be wise to follow three points of advice:

1. Ignore any recommendations from Peyton Manning.

2. Let general manager Joe Douglas do the hiring.

3. Find the anti-Gase.

Let’s explain No. 3.

In two seasons as the New York Jets’ coach, Adam Gase has nine wins and no playoff appearances. AP Photo/Charles Krupa

In 2019, the Jets were narrow in their search, as they sought to find an offensive-minded coach who could turn quarterback Sam Darnold into a star. Basically, they got caught up in the “Next Sean McVay” syndrome that was sweeping the league. How they came up with Gase, who had just been fired by the Miami Dolphins, is a question that will haunt the franchise for years. The point is that they were

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