Not soon after I wrote that Adam Putnam deserves credit for standing up for the swamp did Ron DeSantis‘ camp attempt some Twitter Aikido against me.

“Don’t let anyone ever say you didn’t do anything for our campaign,” snarked DeSantis’ campaign manager Brad Herold.

Herold’s right, there’s no easy way to defend the establishment in this era of swamp-draining. As I wrote last week, Putnam deserves credit for trying to do so, although it probably won’t help him in the GOP primary.

What I’ve come to learn after writing that first post is that Putnam’s comments were more than just a defense of the status quo in Tallahassee. My blog post was focused just on one line that the Florida Democratic Party had zeroed-in on in its attempt to mock Putnam (which, needless to say, the Democrats took out of context.)

If you read Putnam’s complete answer to a question about whether Tallahassee is broken, you’ll find a Jed-Bartlet-in-Nashua-talking-about-dairy-farming moment that speaks volumes about why most voters, no matter who their first choice is for Florida governor, would be comfortable with seeing him in the Governor’s Mansion.

Read for yourself what Putnam had to say:

Q: Is Tallahassee broken?

A: That’s an important question because character and values really do matter. I’m the first person in my family to ever get into politics, and I think my dad is still getting over the shock of it.

I remember going by to see my parents before I left to go to Tallahassee, and my dad walked me out to my truck, and he said “son, I don’t have any concept of what you’ve gotten yourself into. I have no ability to comprehend the temptations and everything else you may be exposed

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