Advocates Press To Make Cannabis A Lucrative Opportunity For Communities Of Color As Connecticut Moves Toward Retail Sale Of Cannabis

As Connecticut prepares for the lucrative sale of adult-use cannabis, an advocacy group announced Tuesday it will work to make sure the new industry draws broad participation from Black and other underrepresented communities as called for in state law.

“All these out-of-state operators … are coming into our state and they’re coming into our state because they see the money that can be had and so we want to make sure that those funds are invested in our communities,” said Andrea Comer, chair of the Social Equity Council and deputy consumer protection commissioner, But translating that into action will be complicated. Those who want to be cannabis sellers must meet requirements for income, residency and business verification that will be approved next month by the council, Comer said at a news conference in Hamden announcing the Alliance for Cannabis Equity collaboration.

– Read the entire article at Courant.

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