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About 4,000 people have arrived in Nickelsdorf from Hungary, local deputy police chief says
Weary passengers clutched sleeping children and meager belongings as they crossed into Austria
It was an emotional end to a chaotic week for the refugees, who walked for hours before they got into buses

The passengers carried their meager belongings in backpacks as they exited the vehicles in the rain.
They walked on foot over the border to Nickelsdorf, in Austria’s Burgenland state, where applause broke out among groups welcoming the convoys of buses with food, Austrian public TV ORF reported.
The Austrian Red Cross also provided medical supplies and warm blankets.
About 4,000 migrants have crossed into Austria in the first few hours of Saturday, and an additional 6,000 or so who are still in Hungary are expected to come over, said Deputy Chief of Burgenland State Police Werner Fasching.
There are only enough beds for 600 people in and around the border town of Nickelsdorf, and the bulk of the refugees are being sent to the Austrian capital, Vienna, via trains and buses, he said.

“We are trying to move as many as possible in the direction of Vienna,” Fasching said. There the migrants will receive food, drink and, if needed, medical care. Some who wish to continue on to Germany will be permitted to do so.
Their arrival in Austria caps an emotional week for the migrants, many of whom had walked for hours before they got into dozens of buses provided by the Hungarian authorities.
In light of the acute situation, Austrian and German officials agreed to allow thousands of migrants into their countries, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said.

Trains stopped
Chaotic scenes erupted Thursday as trains packed with Syrian refugees were halted at a station outside the Hungarian capital of Budapest.
Police gathered at the side of the track as the trains abruptly stopped at Bicske. But families hoping to travel to Austria or ultimately Germany refused to get off despite suffocating heat and limited food.

Hungarian authorities wanted to send them to a nearby holding camp, but — fearing that once there they would be badly treated and unable to continue their journey north — the migrants refused.
After a standoff lasting more than a day, hundreds set off on foot Friday along the train tracks toward Austria.
Hungary sent buses to pick them up as throngs walked for hours in hopes …Read More