After wife softpedals Capitol siege, Cord Byrd dumps Twitter

A Northeast Florida legislator and his politically active wife have flown the Twitter coop after controversy about their comments about the violence at the Capitol in Washington D.C. this week.

Esther Byrd, a former candidate for Neptune Beach City Council, is the wife of Rep. Cord Byrd, currently the Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and Chair of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Subcommittee. She announced on Facebook the Byrds were leaving the social media platform.

“We deactivated our Twitter accounts today. I hope every conservative will do the same,” Mrs. Byrd posted Friday.

Rep. Byrd’s account indeed is no longer active.

The deactivation came after a call to her Facebook friends to forsake Twitter and Facebook for a more unfettered form of social media.

“Wow, y’all, Apple and Android phones have shut Parler (apps down). This is incredible! Try accessing it in a browser! I really hope all the Patriots are on Parler or making the switch. To continue to give Facebook and Twitter our ‘business’ is incredibly self-defeating. The trolls are annoying and the censorship is un-American. Please join us!”

As order broke down Wednesday in D.C., Mrs. Byrd asserted that complaints

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