Aghast Manny Diaz suspends campaign to lead Florida Democratic Party amid D.C. unrest

Former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz announced late Wednesday he is suspending his campaign to become chair of the Florida Democratic Party “until further notice,” saying it’s time to deal with “this disgraceful coup attempt” in Washington.

Diaz, like many other candidates in the Florida Democratic Party’s election set for Saturday, thoroughly condemned the breach and ransacking of the U.S. Capitol by rioters supporting President Donald Trump‘s false claims that the November election of Joe Biden was fraudulent.

“In light of the horrifying and unprecedented events taking place now at the United States Capitol, we are suspending until further notice all efforts related to the FDP Chair election and focusing our thoughts and work on making sure our country survives this disgraceful coup attempt that was instigated and inspired by Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s selfish disregard and lack of moral compass has incited violence like this over and over again,” Diaz stated in a release.

Citing Trump’s video message to rioters and his earlier speech to them outside the White House, Diaz added, “He calls domestic terrorists like these patriots, while tear-gassing peaceful protesters calling for racial equity and justice and calling them thugs and terrorists. This is absolutely deplorable.


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