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The Alabama Cannabis Coalition is calling upon Governor Kay Ivey to convene a special session, aimed at amending the existing medical marijuana law to prevent the emergence of a monopoly in the market. To address this concern, the coalition presents a proposal that would streamline the initiation of medical cannabis operations. Under this plan, individuals who meet the necessary requirements, including residency and financial capabilities, would be eligible to obtain a license. By removing any limitations on the number of licenses issued, the coalition aims to avoid the current state of lawsuits and disputes surrounding the limited availability of licenses and the rightful recipients. Presently, the state cannabis regulator has the authority to grant 12 licenses for cultivators, four for processors, four for dispensaries, and five licenses for integrated facilities. However, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) finds itself entangled in ongoing litigation with various cannabis businesses such as Medella LLC, Alabama Always LLC, and a Chicago-based company.

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