Alan Cohn launches first General Election TV spot as he rakes in the campaign cash in CD 15

Congressional candidate Alan Cohn launched his first television ad of the General Election cycle this week as he reports record fundraising in the third quarter of 2020.

The ad goes negative about Cohn’s candidate in the open race for Florida’s 15th Congressional District, Scott Franklin.

“Multi-millionaire Scott Franklin won’t fight for Middle Class families. He supports tax cuts for corporations and fellow millionaires, increasing taxes on 86 million Americans. Franklin is wrong for Florida, especially now, the add begins, showing ominous images of Franklin below a city skyline.

The ad references Franklin’s support for President Donald Trump’s 2018 tax package.

The raised taxes on 86 million Americans claim is not false, but it looks only at the last year of the tax cuts, 2027, and leaves out the fact that about 80% of taxpayers would get a tax cut in the early years of the package, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. By 2027, about 50% would see an increase, a greater proportion of whom are in the bottom 80% of tax payers.

The ad then pivots to Cohn spreading a positive message about his career as an investigative journalist.

“I’m Alan Cohn and I’ve

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