Story highlights
A person is taken into custody in connection with the case
Girl sat in back seat with brother, 7, after the father got them from school
Gunman opens fires on family car, killing 4-year-old Lilly Garcia

Officials did not identify the person, and said they were still looking for tips that could further the investigation.

“We have at least two search warrants we need to serve in order to gather enough evidence to take him from person of interest to suspect. Once those warrants are served and we gather the appropriate evidence, we will make his identity available as quickly as possible,” police spokesman Tanner Tixier told reporters.
When asked whether it was too soon to say authorities “have your guy,” Tixier said yes. He did say that the person in custody matched the description of a suspect given out earlier in the day.
Two vehicles were cutting each other off Tuesday afternoon on westbound Interstate 40 in Albuquerque, according to Officer Simon Drobik, another police spokesman.

The sole gunman, one of the drivers, pulled up to the vehicle carrying the girl and opened fire, Drobik said, citing information given by the girl’s father.
Killed was Lilly Garcia, said Mayor Richard Berry.
The father was driving a red pickup and had just picked up Lilly and her 7-year-old brother from school. The children sat in the back seat, police Chief Gorden Eden said. The mother wasn’t in the car, police said, correcting an earlier account.
The gunman is believed to have been the only occupant of his vehicle, Eden said. The FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service have joined the manhunt.
“We will catch this guy. We won’t give up until he is found,” Eden told reporters. “Now that this has become a fugitive case, they sometimes flee the jurisdiction.”
Investigators were still trying to determine the number of shots fired.

“The information that we received from the father was that he heard multiple shots,” the police chief said.
The father pulled over his vehicle upon finding his daughter bleeding. He gave her first aid.
“To have your child in your hands in such circumstances is going to live with the father for the rest of his life,” Eden said.
The gunman and his vehicle were still being sought, with a total reward of $26,000 offered, authorities said. The mayor’s office and the City Council each are offering $10,000, the FBI $5,000, …Read More

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