It’s 2017, and celebrities are reckoning with their relative insignificance in the face of omnipresent news updates and escalating terror. Stars—they’re just like us!

This isn’t to say that celebrities haven’t been up to their old tricks—misbehaving, fighting, fucking, and going all out on Twitter. It’s just hard to pay attention to these antics while also counting down the four horsemen of the apocalypse and calling up your senators on speed dial. Between the constant headache of a never-ending news cycle and the life’s work of maintaining a running list of male abusers, it can be hard to keep track of just how many Kardashians are currently knocked up. It’s difficult enough to remember the dumb opinions that Matt Damon shared about sexual harassment last week, let alone Selena Gomez’s new kidney

When we talk about celebrities these days we are, more often than not, talking about rampant sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry. We’re in an era of speaking out against bad men, and thank god for that. But what about the run-of-the-mill idiots? The A-listers who have done stupid things and the C-listers working overtime to get our attention? What about the relationships, the drama, the ill-managed high end music festivals that descend into Lord of the Flies-style chaos? Sure, North Korea could nuke us all tomorrow—but if you’re too obsessed with impending nuclear annihilation to learn everything there is to know about future princess Meghan Markle, then hasn’t Kim Jong Un already won? To that end, we’ve assembled a list of the most important unimportant happenings in Hollywood—the best celebrity gossip of 2017.

The (Still Unconfirmed) Kardashian Babies

Looking back on the year that was, a healthy portion of our celebrity scandals came courtesy of the Kardashians. Either the famous family really is PR inept, media training

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