MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Apollo Beach, FL

5999 N US Hwy 41
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10AM – 7PM
Sun: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

An Apollo Beach MüV dispensary located at 5999 N US Hwy 41 is open to service Adamsville, Ruskin, Sun City Center, and Hillsborough County in general. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for patients near Apollo Beach with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care. 

AltMed MüV Products


Apollo Beach – MüV cannabis products are available by home delivery within 20 miles of the Apollo Beach store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

06:03 24 Dec 21
MUV is my go-to dispensary. I’ve been to quite a few different stores throughout the journey of my medication, and every time I come here I feel like I’m being welcomed by a friend. The service is great and they continually go above and beyond. They are professional, helpful and kind. The atmosphere, sense of community, support, and inventory will always keep me loyal to this location. Oh and the extra gifts they have on certain holidays? Just fab. Marketing team is on point. Thank you!read more
Best products in the area of the highest quality. Such friendly & knowledgeable staff. Absolutely love parking and opening my windows for free car air freshener, too 😅read more
20:42 01 Oct 21
The people that work at the Apollo Beach location should be used by all of corporate America as the example of Perfect Customer Service.Extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, eager to help and answer any questions you have.Thank you for creating such an awesome environment for your customers.read more
Trever Astarita
Trever A.
21:45 17 May 21
I spoke with Kelvin, who was super personable, courteous, and helpful. He walked me though the entire breakdowns of the strains I was interested in. I can tell he knows his stuff! Like I said, those three words are the best way to describe my interactions with Kelvin. I will definitely be personally placing my orders through. him just for the customer service he provides. If you ever see this, Thanks for all of your help Kelvin!read more
02:34 30 Apr 21
I just recently got transferred to the area and just dispensary is on my way home. I have stopped at the Dale Mabry location when I’m in that area. I’ve always loved their products. They are far superior to some other dispensaries I’ve been to. Never had a lame product or a better customer service experience especially at this location. Keep up the good job. Bartenders are very knowledgeable about the products and there is no high-pressure to purchase or upgrade the sale. Absolutely love this place and we’ll come back and recommend it to all my friends. Very professional. If you haven’t tried this location it’s worth the drive. Keep up the good work guys. You’re putting other dispensaries to shame.read more
joanna philpott
joanna P.
22:05 29 Mar 21
Usually I submit these when I’ve had a bad experience at a place ( I know I need to change that!). But Muv just really really goes above and beyond. I’ve been to a couple of their stores and all have been good but Apollo Beach is my far the best. Their customer service is out of this world. Seriously! Yes I love all their products too but I just want to say thank you for always treating your patients right. For acknowledging us. For listening! For just being over all amazing and treating us with respect and always going above and beyond. You guys are the REAL MVPs! Thank you to the whole staff at Apollo Beach for always getting me in and out ( I am high risk so this is a big deal for me )and never making me feel like I’m bothering you. Keep up the good work!read more
Brianna Mitchell
Brianna M.
16:43 22 Mar 21
People are cool-Everytime I go there, it’s a great experience. The team is friendly. Conversations are amazing. I’m very indecisive when I go there and they always have great recommendations. No complaints here. This is always my go to place.read more
13:40 19 Mar 21
They have the good stuff! The express pick up is convenient for me however, I wish they had more parking in the back. Getting in and out of a congested parking lot when it’s busy is a pain. But its all good.read more
Trinka Southers
Trinka S.
01:52 26 Feb 21
I love this place! The staff is extremely friendly & goes out of their way to make sure you understand about each & every product before you make a purchase! Very relaxing, zen atmosphere with extremely friendly & knowledgeable staff! Their products are excellent also & there’s no pressure on you to buy anything, they just very nice helpful staff that explains everything to you, but without all the pressure! Excellent customer service, very nice & relaxing environment & amazing products! Will definitely keep going here!!read more
Samantha Brady-Aguilar
Samantha B.
21:03 05 Feb 21
Jason took care of my cannabis needs and even helped me to understand more about the products. I found him very friendly, helpful and informative! What a great asset to your MUV Team! I couldn’t decide on 1 so I had to get 3! Thanks. See you soon!read more
killer Spinach
killer S.
18:16 21 Jan 21
Knowledgeable and friendly staff are always happy to assist with questions. The product is of high quality. Everything has great flavor. Of course counts go up and down as they do everywhere but MUV is pretty consistent and usually has really good product in stock. Fastest service in Florida is a major plus as well.read more
00:27 03 Jan 21
Amazing staff. Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They were able to answer my questions and not “oversell” me.read more
18:07 26 Dec 20
Casey (hopefully I’m spelling his name right) was super sweet and informative! Every MUV I’ve been to has been wonderful especially this one! 🥰 Thank you guys!!read more
10:21 22 Dec 20
Out of flower and pre rolls for a lot of the flavors you want. Their website never meets what they have in store. A WASTE of your time to shop here!read more
Eduardo M Villamar
Eduardo M V.
00:16 05 Dec 20
* Plenty of parking* Always get greeted when i get inside* Employees always give me reccomendations* Theres always some kind of weekend “Happy Hour” discountsread more
Matt Gonzalez
Matt G.
05:15 23 Nov 20
The one in Apollo Beach is really close to me but I would go to MUV over any in the area no matter what. I absolutely love their rso syringes as well as tinctures… better than any around. The flower is always good and the people are great.read more
Mike Jackson
Mike J.
15:21 05 Nov 20
I think Management needs to sit down with front desk people will explain it when people stand up in a line and wait in advance for the door to open maybe they should be considered of that order when letting people go in simple theory to most. People have schedules that’s why we try to do the best and show up earlyread more
19:27 02 Nov 20
I’ve been coming here 2 years and the quality has definitely went down but prices going up. Nice staff but don’t remember faces for sure. It’s like I’m talking to a robot, and very presumptuous. I’m sure they get rude patients but don’t show every patient you’re prepared for it, that’s very inconsiderate.read more
michael lantz
michael L.
22:30 12 Oct 20
I recently had a bad ordering experience with the Tampa MUV. Mary at Apollo Beach, Patient Care rep was able to take care of my problem and arrange for same day delivery. She is an excellent employee. I hope you value her as much as I do.read more
Carl Albaladejo
Carl A.
16:51 11 Oct 20
The WORST DISPO, be careful they’ll try to give you 15% for 8 hrs of time . Lol. Look they forgot I existed. This place lost about 10 hrs of my time. Be careful if you have an afro. I feel like they gave zero about me. My money my time, I drove nearly 75 miles. 29 seeds , and I could tell they cared NOT one bit. It’s sad cause I care about these dispos. They forgot I even wanted a return after calling 3 to four times and texting an employees over 20 times. The last text said ,”oh sorry we are closed ” is this the STREET OR MEDICAL . I HAVE PROOF AND PICTURES IM NOT JUST TALKING( I even told them I drove 75 miles) .read more
Ian G.
Ian G.
19:25 07 Oct 20
I just want to bring attention to the AWESOME chat assistants I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with. MUV beats trulieve in customer service BY FAR!DUSTIN AND DESIREE in particular have given me such a great experience with MUV that MUV is now my go to dispensary! I truly hope this reaches them and their superiors so they can be recognized for their amazing work.read more
Don Zurbrick
Don Z.
12:01 18 Sep 20
Amazing selection
Brian Harrison
Brian H.
02:46 18 Sep 20
I stopped in this store the week before they opened their Sarasota location to check the company out.I Bought a syringe of distillate and a cartridge. It took me a couple minutes to figure out the distillate dispenser and I ended up consuming way too much. This led to a not so memorable walk though a hydroponic strawberry farm nearby. Still not sure how I got there but it was a good time nonetheless.Overall the store was really nice. Ryan waited on me, he was able to explain the entire process of producing distillate from seed to sale. I was throughly impressed at his level of product knowledge as well as his hat.I Left the one star review because of Muv’s customer mask policy. The corporate policy, as far as I know, is to require masks on all employees BUT only require customers wear masks in areas where the laws require them. I don’t know if the laws in Apollo Beach Require masks indoors; perhaps that information could be conveyed by the company in addition to their standard canned response.read more
Daries O.
Daries O.
18:25 12 Sep 20
Chris and Juan provided excellent customer service. The staff there is always pleasant and extremely efficient!
Ana Albinagorta
Ana A.
18:08 11 Sep 20
Sylvianne Montanez…best customer service expert…so patient and friendly puts you on to all deals ….Thank You😁read more
chris barton
chris B.
12:35 10 Sep 20
Just awesome
Abram Chambers
Abram C.
13:18 04 Sep 20
I almost feel a bit bad talking them down because they’re very nice and friendly, not to mention quick and convenient, but I’ve been going for over a year and the quality is pretty meh. It would be one thing if it was cheaper than the competition but in the last few years the prices have gone up with the quality staying the same, if not worsening. Most of my gripes are with the concentrates, the flowers I’ve tried from MUV have been ok.read more
Rob Vogel
Rob V.
14:51 03 Sep 20
Muv in Apollo beach is great, they will help you with all your needs, they go out of their way to help everyone.
Drew Brown
Drew B.
01:32 26 Aug 20
Great quality and friendly, helpful staff.
She's So Vain
She’s So V.
21:36 24 Aug 20
Between the convenience of the location and the willingness to help along with the knowledge and kindness of the ENTIRE staff at the Apollo Beach, there is no other dispensary that I would even consider going to.Ms. Mary has become my personal text help :), she is my go to-informative and sweet as can be! The manager, Mr. Christopher If I remember correctly, he not only helped me in a crunch but absolutely floored me with his kindness and understanding in that moment of personal stress. These people, the whole lot of them, they genuinely enjoy helping. It’s a very comfortable and joyful place that I’m never disappointed to visit.Thanks MUV, y’all are incredible.read more
Canute Jacobsen
Canute J.
14:43 21 Jul 20
Shoutout to Dustin the tech support guy for helping me out in a timely manner!
Deborah Evans
Deborah E.
20:33 27 Jun 20
The employees there are the most personable people I’ve ever come into contact with. I’m a server and I come in contact with many people. They know the products well and are very helpful to all.Best place ever‼️‼️❤️❤️read more
Nichole Diaz
Nichole D.
12:55 25 Jun 20
Best experience ever! The staff was amazing and so helpful! The store was super clean! I live in Tampa and really don’t care for the MUV down the street from my house and would rather drive to a another location! I will be back to this location!read more
keith bernstein
keith B.
00:01 18 Jun 20
Absolutely the best dispensary around. The best people and service. Quality products.
Desiree Tillman
Desiree T.
15:57 19 May 20
I cannot stress this enough, this company is the best!!! I was provided such amazing service as a first time patient. As I left my doctors office to get the recommendations, I decided to chat with a representative via the website. Brendilee was so helpful and knowledgeable, also providing excellent customer service. After speaking with her, I had no worries about heading in store. When I did arrive, the process was super simple and fast. Juan was the med tender who assisted me when I went to purchase. He was incredibly personable and made me laugh a bunch! It seemed that every single person in the dispensary was happy to be there, which makes a huge difference in the kind of customer service you are provided. I am so happy to keep shopping with MUV. Please, take my money!read more
Troy Glispy
Troy G.
03:12 26 Apr 20
I called in my order and was assisted by Tori who was so knowledgeable and helpful. She helped me place two separate orders so I could take advantage of the promos. Always excellent customer service, thanks Muv! Great job, Tori!read more
Lisy Perez
Lisy P.
13:59 18 Apr 20
Muv is has great products we never had any issues. They have the best the prices. Their staff are very friendly. knowledgeable andread more
Freedom Griner
Freedom G.
13:43 17 Apr 20
Wonderful staff, friendly, educated, patient and very helpful. Prices are decent and the product is excellent. Ask for Jenn and she will help you find the perfect strain to treat your conditions. Only complaint I have is due to them opening new stores recently it has been hard to find flower in stock but they are adding to the grow houses so this I think will get better soon.read more
Alex Fuentes
Alex F.
16:28 04 Mar 20
Muv is honestly the best dispensary to shop at, hands down! Not only have they laid out a strategy to achieve the best top notch quality of products. But the customer service can not be beat. I called the headquarters and spoke with Dustin, he was amazing! He responded with great customer service. I usually don’t take the time to write reviews. But I just had to thank Dustin and all of the Muv Patient care team, for all of your hard work. Great job!read more
Arthur Grebenuk
Arthur G.
15:51 04 Mar 20
So this is one of the BEST CALL CENTERS IN FL (:I called them and told them that because of my busy schedule I couldn’t make it in on time. ALEX WAS the BEST! She took the time to understand my situation and found a way for my order to be reserved an extra day, when I was already late! Very happy that I can get my medicine when its convenient for me! 10/10!read more
Dennis Davison
Dennis D.
14:22 10 Feb 20
Best dispensary in the Bay Area for sure. Fast service but a little pricey. Overall, wonderful place with friendly service. Recommended for sure.read more
Stacey Geminiganjapixie
Stacey G.
21:42 08 Feb 20
I want to say the employees at Apollo beach are the best! I love them all! Although I have a problem with them changing their patches, this isn’t the actual stores fault and I just want to thank them for being really awesome to me every time I go. I hope and pray they fix the patches soon but I appreciate the help I received today and the gel is working and actually worked faster than the patches. Thank you muv Apollo beach. I have faith corporate will fix the patches … I hoperead more
Claudia Blake
Claudia B.
14:49 18 Jan 20
This is the store closest to me and I am glad, the staff is friendly, awesome and knowledgeable. I would encourage to order on line and pick up at express its so convenient and the young lady who works at the window is awesome. Customer service is above and beyond any other place I went, Thank you for always providing excellent service!read more
John Monteiro
John M.
01:00 17 Apr 19
Yesss! This place is awesome. Has everything. And their product is amazing! Tyler you’re the man. Thank you for all your help and making my birthday perfectread more
John Monteiro
John M.
14:20 16 Apr 19
Yesss! This place is awesome. Has everything. And their product is amazing! Tyler you’re the man. Thank you for all your help and making my birthday perfectread more
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