MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Clearwater, FL

29901 US Hwy 19 N
Clearwater, FL 33761

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10AM – 7PM
Sun: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted

Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Clearwater MüV dispensary located at 29901 US Hwy 19 N is open to service Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, and Pinellas County in general. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for patients near Clearwater with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care.

AltMed MüV Products


Clearwater – MüV cannabis products are available by home delivery within 20 miles of the Clearwater store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Jamie Mohler
Jamie M.
20:50 02 Oct 20
Best customer service ever!!! Highly recommend. Fully stocked and ready to help. It’s the happiest place on earth!
Danny Hunter
Danny H.
18:07 22 Sep 20
Great place to go to get your medical cannabis. Very knowledgeable staff clean very friendly. easy parking.
Tori Van Every
Tori Van E.
15:15 22 Sep 20
Phenomenal customer service. I have been using MUV for a while and still struggle with understanding what strains will help me. Today Amelia had made an organized chart of the available strains and their properties that was amazingly helpful. All the staff is very courteous and warm, but that extra mile was very appreciated.read more
josh hart
josh H.
23:03 20 Sep 20
They have pretty good Quality and selections of different types of uses
Laurence Nelson
Laurence N.
02:12 13 Sep 20
What’s not to love pain-free
jerry Custin
jerry C.
00:08 12 Sep 20
I love this store and the employees a great bunch of people who truly care about the clientele
Christina Boyd
Christina B.
03:18 11 Sep 20
Great place. Love the products. Great customer service as always…Thank you.
Kim Wilson
Kim W.
17:35 08 Sep 20
The check in process and wait time was easy and quick. The employees were friendly but this store didn’t have a good variety of product available. I was looking for a daytime non psychotropic solution for pain and they didn’t have anything available. The past two times I’ve visited the supplies have been limited. I’d recommend calling or ordering prior to make sure they have what you’re looking for. Both of my experiences have been walk-ins because I’ve been in the area.UDPATEI received a call from Jordan Fuentes today who is a Support Specialist. He was very knowledgeable about the products that they offer and what may fit my needs. I will be trying the Evolve CBD Gel he recommended that delivers the cannabinoid into the bloodstream vs. a tincture which I use now. Thank You Jordan!!read more
Luna Mystique
Luna M.
23:06 05 Sep 20
Located in a stop mall on Alt 19, across from Home Depot. Very clean, social distancing and masks are enforced. No more than six people in the lobby at a time.Their prices are fair and their products seem to be pretty consistent on quality. Every associate I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with has been friendly and knowledgeable.read more
22:29 04 Sep 20
Muv is the best dispensary for vape cartridges and vape disposables
Bj Marcelus
Bj M.
20:13 01 Sep 20
I loved the products and great pricing. But was pretty disgusted in the way the manager kept flaunting trump and making it a point to throw his political views in everyone face. It felt like it was a person dig at me for being a minority. Smh. I just feel very uncomfortable going there now. Keep your politics out of the workplace.read more
Beverly Bush
Beverly B.
14:21 12 Aug 20
Went to this location yesterday and was very pleased with the customer service I received. I had a lot of questions about certain products and the person who helped me was great, very informative and took the time to help me. I will be coming back again.read more
Justin Sheehan
Justin S.
22:39 04 Aug 20
Quality from the top down. From the management, to customer service from the employees, to the product itself, everything is well done. Best dispensary in Pinellas County and it’s not even close.read more
Kathleen D.
Kathleen D.
20:08 31 Jul 20
Went to Muv today to take advantage of their 20% savings for their Clearwater anniversary. I forgot the young lady’s name that helped me but she was wonderful! My 1st time buying shatter & she took her time explaining everything to me. She was very helpful unlike my 1st experience here where the young lady was not helpful in the least with my 1st time dispensary experience. But every time since then has been a joy! Made out with shatter, 4 ready to go vapes & a patch! It was AWESOME saving 20%. Thank you Clearwater MUV! Such a pleasure!read more
08:29 30 Jul 20
I’ve been to this dispensary more than any other one. I’ve tried their liquids and their flower. I love both. I love the Tier System here for flower. If you want to get flower here in the low $30 range, Muv is a good choice. Their distillate is also GAS especially for the GPen. This is a very techy dispensary and that’s one reason I love it. They treated me so well my first time and on my birthday. One time there was a small cart problem, but it was a minor inconvenience. The cart was new tech and I took it back & when I did, they one on one helped me troubleshoot the problem in person. I ended up having to get a new cart but the manager was so friendly and the staff members so cool I actually enjoyed returning the dud cart for a new one just to spend more time in the store. For real, it’s hard to have a bad time at Muv. The community and store is welcoming. I enjoy their top of the line, cutting edge products. I will keep coming back here.read more
Mary Taylor
Mary T.
20:28 24 Jul 20
I have started using the patches for nerve burn and it has truly made a difference…i also feel better in mornings. .highly recommend…knoeledgeable staff. Very kindread more
Brittney Blair
Brittney B.
20:16 18 Jul 20
Great staff and quality products. Like the Apple store of Dispensaries
Taylor Hurley
Taylor H.
14:00 02 Jul 20
I just got my email this week and decided to check out MUV, I have been struggling for a long time with chronic back pain because of arthritis in my spine, Gino took great care of me and helped me find what would specifically help my pain! I am very new to all of this so Gino went over EACH product, to help familiarize me with everything! He was very helpful and knowledgeable, and knew exactly what would help for my pain. I will be coming back and requesting Gino every time !! 👍👍🙏read more
Shannon Anne
Shannon A.
16:22 30 Jun 20
I have been coming to muv since March of this year. Gino has always taken the best care of me and all of my mmj needs. Whenever I go I make sure to request him because he always makes me feel welcome and really takes his time to educate me about products and promotions. On more than one occasion I have requested Gino and noticed while I was in the lobby that other patients came in and requested him as well. I respect and appreciate the relationship building skills he possesses and truly believe he is the definition of an asset to your team. I was personally sent here by a patient of his and will be sending my two girlfriends who are about to get their emails for their cards. 10/10 Gold Stars for Gino. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Zoe Frey
Zoe F.
11:02 26 Jun 20
I never have to wait here like other places and the process are better. The selection is pretty good
Anjelica Dillard
Anjelica D.
16:05 25 Jun 20
Always super friendly and informative! Never had any problems! I have a service dog in training and everyone there loves seeing Hunter! It’s one of his favorite places to go because he knows everyone loves him! Thank you for being awesome, guys!read more
Keir Walton
Keir W.
01:06 19 Jun 20
My favorite dispensary! They have different tier of flower and you can save quite a bit when they have tier 3, I try to stock up. Great veterans discount and applies across all purchases. Terrific people there to help you and always nice and friendly with a lot of knowledge. I wish they had more flower strains to choose from, but they have the right stuff 95% of the time. I will stop in for an 1/8 or a Pre-Roll after checking their up to date website.read more
Salty Sonic
Salty S.
19:19 31 May 20
I love MÜV they were the first dispensary I went to after I got my MMJ card. They have a wide variety of ways to take your medicine. I prefer the flower and vape/concentrate and they have disposables, 510 threaded carts, and even a small selection of syringes. From tablets to topicals to sprays these wonderful people have got it all. Not to mention A BOMB @$$ LOYALTY PROGRAM that saves you a ton of money. This program also “re-ups” the 3 visit card after you have to see your doctor again vs most others which is the full cycle of your card. They’ve got plenty of different sativas, indicas, and hybrids to choose from. That being said it all depends on your preferences. They have ethanol extracted distillates/concentrate so it’s not as full spectrum like you get with CO2 extracted. But MÜV beats competitions prices with the 300mg option disposables and 400mg carts all strain specific to maximize the medical effects you need. Special shout out to Kayla for being a cool cat and helping me pick out Headband disposable when I was on the ropes. They all are very well versed in helping patients needs as well as quickly answering any questions about heritage, balances, %’s, and what ever else you can think of. They also have a spectacular display of their wares throughout the waiting room and the the actual dispensary part. The front desk people are also extremely helpful.read more
Sean Coats
Sean C.
20:14 25 May 20
My MUV experience I would say puts them in my 2nd spot for favorite dispensary. Here is why:1. I was told I had about a 20 minute wait and I didn’t wait over 5 minutes. 2. They actually came to my car and stayed in front of it until I was walking with them and my car doors locked to go into or towards the building! I can’t stand dispensaries who have the we will text you only option. I’m 27 years old and I don’t have a cell phone nor want one again! I want to know that the world hasn’t lost the ability to use its mobility and voice and good job to MUV for ensuring their bases are covered. 2. Price point is similar to other dispensaries such as Trulieve, Fluent, or Vidacann. 3. Very modern and very easy to understand their menu! 4. Cleanliness was through the roof. 5. The staff was superior! The one thing I don’t like at all and id probably have to say will sway me in my first choice is MUV packaging for flower. I don’t want my flower in a little baggy. Yeah it’s a little more fancy than a regular bag, but let’s be honest you’re competing with the street industry on your packaging and no one else. I like my flower in a actual glass or plastic bottle or jar. It makes storing it easier, more organized, and a lot easier to get out when it’s big enough my fingers can fit down in. And to be honest I feel like all the money was spent on impressing you when you see the design and the location and not carried through on the product once purchased. read more
Chrystal Fair
Chrystal F.
01:22 18 May 20
They are not wearing masks. Open the door for me without being 6 feet apart. Wanted to handle my phone.
Erin ModgePodge1111
Erin M.
03:14 06 Mar 20
I really enjoy this location specifically. The staff is great and MÜV has great medicine.
Ashleigh Black
Ashleigh B.
01:01 06 Mar 20
I went into Muv for the first time today and had the pleasure of having David as my bud tender. He was thorough and pleasant and hooked me up with deals they had going on for being a first timer. David was so kind and took his time with me and explained everything! Super knowledgeable! If you choose to go here make sure you ask for David!! I love the set up Of the dispensary!read more
Benjamin Depiro
Benjamin D.
21:14 05 Mar 20
I was truly impressed with the service here. All of the staff are excellent they are engaged and engaging. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I had a small issue and Arielle from thier office was helpful and fulfilled all the promises she made. I highly recommend this establishment. Thsnk you for being there.read more
carson cupari
carson C.
22:45 25 Jan 20
Online/calling method of ordering is awesome. Ordered over the phone , was greeted amazingly by Desiree. Had all the answers and even had felt like a friend during the transaction. Sour jack!read more
Tyler Duncan
Tyler D.
01:21 07 Jan 20
I went in today with a general idea of what I wanted and I couldn’t have left happier. Matt helped me out and was very knowledgeable about the options and about how the loyalty card worked. I’m happy this location is close to home.read more
Richard Salvatore Esposito
Richard Salvatore E.
17:46 31 Dec 19
I would be seriously remiss if I did not make time to both recognize and commend Ms. Ely Perez working at the MUV Call Center for her outstanding professionalism, her impressive in-dept product knowledge and cordiality. Ely is genuinely concerned for MUV patients needs and listens carefully in order to select the exact product according to the respective patient’s requirements.As a medical professional myself in the field of Respiratory Medicine I am fervently convinced that Ms Ely Perez is an invaluable asset to the MUVorganization and has made my interactive experience a truly pleasant and at the same time an in-depth informative one!I wish to thank once again, Ely and the MUV organization for helping me cope with my debilitating chronic Lower Back pain when all the conventional means failed.My wonderful MUV experience with Ms Ely Perez is to be commended and recognized and I trust this well earned letter of recognition and commendation will be considered when the time comes for promotion,.Ely is a “Super Star” and I am grateful for her professional patient orientation sessions and her special ability to explain the entire MUV product line and their indications and use.Thank you Ely and MUV for making my life that much more pain free!read more
02:08 22 Nov 19
I would give this dispensary less than 1 star if I could. I drove over 20 miles to use this establishment and for the purpose of the fact that I had saved my experience for the first time customer discount, not using them so that I would have a “cushion” come a time that I was short on fundage. Once I arrived I was informed that they can’t give me the discounts that are the same as almost every other dispensary, simply because I don’t have a piece of paper that I can get for my doctor. I’m legally disabled a single mom of two disabled children that has a very limited income and do to them complicating the process I totally wasted some of what little resource that I have. I’m sure that I’m not the only one with a similar situation that would benefit from them simplifying given there limited discounts.read more
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