MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Jacksonville, FL

1550 Hendricks Ave - Suite 4
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 10AM – 7PM
Sun: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Jacksonville MüV dispensary located at 1550 Hendricks Ave is open with a drive thru to service Five Points, Urban Core, San Marco, and Duval County in general. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for patients near Jacksonville with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care. 

AltMed MüV Products


Jacksonville – MüV cannabis products are available by home delivery within 20 miles of the Jacksonville store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Kristen Campbell
Kristen C.
14:03 18 Oct 21
Super friendly staff helped me on my first ever dispensary visit. Taylor was nice and knowledgeable, giving me exactly what could work for me. Can’t wait to go back!read more
Reneé Neé
Reneé N.
16:44 10 Oct 21
Great place! Great prices! Great customer service! Great variety! Love this place! 😍
Adam Mikel
Adam M.
20:25 07 Oct 21
I was greeted by smiling eyes when I arrived …made me feel welcome Then the same young lady asked me politely to come back to the consultation room. Arlene was able to guide me through all the different strains to fill my needs. MUV not only has the best flower , they have the kindest and most knowledgeable med tenders! Thanks , Arlene ! 10 StarsMikelread more
21:16 24 Sep 21
This dispensary has some really great product. Plus there’s just little things they do that I appreciated, like being able to see the buds you’re buying. It’s a smaller spot. And busy. Regardless, probably top 3 in Jacksonville. And I’ve been to a few now.read more
Nicholas Mehler
Nicholas M.
18:02 17 Sep 21
Waiting room is always packed. Methadone clinic packed. Even with their express window they struggle moving people through at a decent place. Can’t forget the customers who get to the front and realize oh hey I need cash! It’s a shame because the products are good and this is never and issue at the beach location.read more
simply simply
simply S.
18:08 17 Aug 21
Best dispensary in town. consistent great product and great customer service..all employees are cool but Jana is my favorite, super nice and really knows the products. She always makes the best suggestions for me.- very happy regular customerread more
Katey Williams
Katey W.
17:31 26 Jul 21
Mario was very knowledgeable and helped me make decisions based on my needs. Thank you so much for all your help! MüV is the best move I’ve made so far! read more
Jason J
Jason J
15:58 25 Jul 21
I had an express order someone from customer service helped me put together. She helped me take advantage of 2 discounts. 1 of them being for my birthday. The products received were outstanding and the attention to me as a patient were great. My only complaint is the parking situation. Best advice I can give is to not go on a Saturday in the middle of the day LOL.read more
Beach Bum
Beach B.
01:29 10 Jul 21
Patient, friendly and knowledgeable staff. No parking but I don’t mind walking 2 minutes over. Seems like a good system they have over here, pretty busy but I was in and out fairly quickly. I wish I knew they didn’t take cards! Great products!read more
Charles Ryan
Charles R.
21:58 26 Jun 21
I always have an excellent experience at the Hendricks Muv. From their awesome products, to the customer service. Lauren G helped me out and was exceptional at getting my order finalized. GO GET SOME GURU AND THANK ME LATER!read more
Karen Wallace
Karen W.
00:31 02 Jun 21
Being a first timer to shop at MUV I was so thankful to have Lauren Gibson assist me in finding the right products for my medical conditions. She was patient, knowledgeable, compassionate, & pleasant. What an awesome experience!read more
Nadja Cruz
Nadja C.
00:00 27 May 21
Lindsey was so informative, patient, service with a smile, you can tell she loves her job & helping people. She was able to answer every one of my questions , and made me feel comfortable with totally different approach to my entire last purchase.She has me trying Rick Ross, I was scared, but she assured me if I follow her instructions, I’d be fine. She was great. Next trip I will ask for her personallyread more
Nadja Cruz
Nadja C.
23:19 26 May 21
Lindsey was so informative, patient, service with a smile, you can tell she loves her job & helping people. She was able to answer every one of my questions , and made me feel comfortable with totally different approach to my entire last purchase.She has me trying Rick Ross, I was scared, but she assured me if I follow her instructions, I’d be fine. She was great. Next trip I will ask for her personalityread more
Kookie Queen
Kookie Q.
19:14 25 May 21
Wonderful dispensary! My bud tender Lauren G. told me they had a “going going gone” stash. Never knew about this before and fell in love with her personal recommendation on the velvet glove 💯 10 out of 10 service give this woman a raise! Her passion about cannabis shows and I will be back hoping to have her again as my sales lady.read more
jer kifer
jer K.
14:49 24 May 21
I love this place. Best buds in town. Props to Sarah F. for always having the perfect suggestions on strain. Thank you!
Kayla Matias
Kayla M.
22:23 22 May 21
First time coming here today and Lauren G. was absolutely wonderful! I usually go to Vidacann (also great) but they were out of the RSO oil and I was directed here! Glad that I was! Price was very good and first time discount was 25%! The atmosphere was great, too. Everyone was super friendly and inviting. Will be a regular now for sure!read more
Michele Register
Michele R.
19:44 21 May 21
Wonderful med tenders. Always helpful in terms of letting me know what’s good for whatever is asking me at the moment. Parking is a PITA, but it’s still worth it if you’re legal and looking for a good dispensary.read more
Me Me
Me M.
12:22 21 May 21
I am ready to report this place. They gave me dirt instead of medicine. It was dry, the seal was broken over the top, the top had no white seal to keep safe from contamination. There was NO medicine to help. It was 0% THC and tastes like dirt. The guy that checked me out laughed at me. I think he knew I got ripped off. Does he think cancer is funny too? I drove 15 miles to get this and have nothing to help now because they think it’s funny to rip people off.read more
Nicole Powell
Nicole P.
11:53 16 May 21
I absolutely love coming here!! Many of the representatives are caring and helpful to the point it makes you feel like family. They always have really good sales. Thank you for offering military discount. I’ll continue to come to this dispensary.read more
Benz Culbertson
Benz C.
12:38 05 May 21
The spot. Great product, such a friendly staff. The most friendly staff I’ve ever encountered at a dispensary. Look out for deals sometimes they have great ones!read more
L Rachel Valentine
L Rachel V.
21:24 04 May 21
I like this place a lot. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. It’s close to my home so I can just pop over when I feel like it. And they deliver!read more
Bryan Haber
Bryan H.
22:33 23 Apr 21
The only time I ordered from this place was a terrible experience. I placed a delivery order on a Tuesday. They said they will deliver on Wednesday or Thursday. Thursday comes by no call no delivery. So I call them and they said their backed up and I should have it in a day or so. Friday nothing. I call back they say their backed up again and I should get it Sunday. Then I get a call a little later saying the soonest they can deliver is Tuesday. So I canceled my order. I can’t speak about the store itself but their delivery system has to be the worst I’ve ever dealt with. No communication and insane wait time.read more
Shantel Brooks
Shantel B.
23:15 10 Apr 21
Well run and always has items I need in stock. Well informed and friendly bud tenders. Excellent products and customer rewards.read more
Kevin Garcia
Kevin G.
18:19 31 Mar 21
Great people in a great environment. Very friendly and nice. I will definitely be visiting again soon!
Jay Hall
Jay H.
08:43 28 Mar 21
Was very disappointed when I had to use their ATM because they didn’t take cc. It would have been nice if that was explained over the phone! The chews are disgusting so I am not enthralled and this was my 1st time!read more
Sincere Podis
Sincere P.
15:13 15 Mar 21
I love the employees they have here! They are so nice and helpfulSara is one I the coolest people that work there she was a big help!read more
Hailey Brown
Hailey B.
15:53 11 Mar 21
BEST DISPENSARY IN JACKSONVILLE! The staff is friendly and bright. I won’t be shopping anywhere else from here on out! Thank you MUV Hendricks read more
Kaysen Wall
Kaysen W.
13:34 20 Feb 21
Really enjoy the environment that MÜV has in store. Their employee, Taryn, is super helpful, and made sure all my questions were answered and then some. I highly suggest MÜV for med needs, and I especially suggest asking for Taryn! I’ll definitely be stopping in again.read more
mkiv matt
mkiv M.
14:20 14 Feb 21
From product to customer experience, MUV shines brighter than the competition. It’s just a different vibe altogether. And this location is quickly becoming my favorite because of the folks behind the counter. Lauren was a joy to work with. Knowledgeable, caring and helpful. If I could give more than 5 stars I would! And the Shadow OG live rosin is excellent!read more
Jack theRipper1
Jack T.
16:51 11 Feb 21
I went in and got my 25% off first visit and they were super cool the flower was amazing and their website and everything was actually very easy to use and even though they were busy it didn’t seem it and I was in and out of there in about 10 minutes..read more
Matthew Greschak
Matthew G.
15:42 04 Feb 21
This is by far one of the best MM dispensaries in the area! After being a long time Trulieve customer, the customer service, consistent inventory, and short wait times at MUV just couldn’t be beat! The last time I was in, Lauren made sure to double check their inventory so I could get the specific cartridges I was looking for. I always walk out of there with a better customer experience each and every time!Only tip: on weekends, it’s just best to do Express, they can be a little busy and parking is an issue at peak times. So save yourself a little extra wait time if you’re in a rush.read more
15:43 21 Jan 21
Great dispensary! Lots of selection if you want more than flower. The staff is friendly and polite. I will be back and I recommend you check them out as well. First time you get 25% off!read more
George Nguyen
George N.
20:27 09 Jan 21
Lauren was an amazingly informative resource! Very knowledgeable and even pulled out a special strain from the back for me!Definitely returning here soon!read more
Chad Bearden
Chad B.
15:44 16 Dec 20
Thanks to Taryn at the San Marco location for helping me decide what are the best options for me. She was efficient and knowledgeable and we shared a great affinity for OG Kush.The appearance of the store is neat and attractive. I wish there were more parking places but there is a parking lot around the corner that is only a 5 minute walk away.I have visited the store several times and am always impressed by the neatness and efficiency of the staff. Definitely a well managed store.read more
jon wehle
jon W.
20:25 27 Nov 20
I called in to see about a few products the lovely woman on the other side was so sweet and kind . She checked both stores and held what I needed til I got there. Excellent customer service also the flower is impressiveread more
Jordan A Roberts
Jordan A R.
13:58 07 Nov 20
This place has helped my dad so much!! The staff is amazing always, the GM has gone out of her way to make sure he’s dialed in. It’s helped him post surgery, heal so much and now fight and beat cancer and deal w the miserable treatment. I truly believe without MUV, he wouldn’t be in the same spirits or be able to handle daily life as well. Getting my card as well now! Thank You, Thank You.read more
Tommy Northwood
Tommy N.
19:14 07 Oct 20
Gnarly wait time for a very limited selection. I’ve been sitting here for over a half hour and when I asked how long it would be she told me another 40 minutes or so. It makes me feel like a junkie waiting oh so patiently on a thug drug dealer to take my money. If you’re gonna put hard working local pot farmers out of business, do your job:( At least they didn’t make you drive to them and wait like this place.read more
Matt Murdock
Matt M.
21:49 04 Oct 20
Busy place ….but, fast crew. In and out in 22 minutes partly because I browse….one of the other customers was a male Karen so there’s a possibility of running into him in the wild around this area ” you’ve been warned” love the place and the staff if I’m in that part of town again I will definitely pop in for a little bit of goodness!!!!!!!!!!!read more
Courtney Brunelle
Courtney B.
02:31 19 Sep 20
I visited the Jacksonville location for the first time today, and I have to say, it was the most wonderful experience I’ve had in a long time!! With everything that’s going on in the world today, most people are just miserable, but the light of my entire day was getting to meet, and 100% LOVING ..JOI PERKINS.. Remember that name, because she’s one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met on this planet, and she is extremely knowledgeable in her job, being that it was my first time in this dispensary, she had a tremendous amount of patience with all of my questions. I can’t think her enough, and hopefully the next time I visit this location, JOI PERKINS will be there!! ❤️❤️ She 💯 gets my vote for employee of the year, ALSO the best employee with the most PATIENCE!Rock on wit ya bad self JOI PERKINS!!read more
Saundra Whittaker
Saundra W.
15:38 14 Sep 20
Staff was extremely knowledgeable about the products and incredible customer service.
Suzette Miley - Pearson
Suzette Miley – P.
01:56 10 Sep 20
I’ve visited several times but today I took my mother and I’ve never been more impressed. I was blown away with the help and attention they paid her. Thanks guysread more
Ashley Mann
Ashley M.
03:43 09 Sep 20
MUV has some grate products
eastwoodfighter clintmb1984
eastwoodfighter C.
23:29 08 Sep 20
I enjoy every time come in n enjoy all the stuff I get from muv n thank y’all
David Tobin
David T.
16:04 07 Sep 20
Super friendly and helpful and willing to explain what I needed
Erin Jaxon
Erin J.
17:12 06 Sep 20
One of the best dispensaries in Jacksonville. Much more consistent than Trulieve, and I find their customer service to be top notch. I’ve been going here for almost a year now and they’ve always been extremely helpful.read more
Dustin Riddle
Dustin R.
15:06 05 Sep 20
Friendly staff. Good product. Quick in and out. Not the strongest strains to be found in the area but decent stuff.
Dave C
Dave C
16:29 04 Sep 20
Second time in and no complaints. Everyone is so polite and helpful. That alone is worth the drive from St Augustine. Thank you!read more
Buster Leffel
Buster L.
23:57 25 Aug 20
Wonderful place and product. The service I received from Taryn however is outmatched in any industry. Give this girl a raise. She is amazing!read more
All World
All W.
22:20 25 Aug 20
Kendra was also awesome, I love her service, she took care all my medical needs
Virginia Blue
Virginia B.
19:36 25 Aug 20
Nice place, great experience. Taryn was the absolute sweetest and helped me figure out what I was looking for. Would definitely recommend 🖤read more
Ashley Minota
Ashley M.
19:14 25 Aug 20
When I was at your facility, I was greeted by an employee named Taryn who immediately made me feel comfortable and welcomed. She looked professional, and explained things in detail as she showed me around. Answered all questions effectively, and really made me feel like my presence was valued. Can’t say enough great things about her and the way she represented your business. In my opinion, there need to be more kind customer service stars like her in the world, that get it.read more
Mercedes Mathieu
Mercedes M.
17:59 25 Aug 20
Stopped in with limited time, and had an amazing experience with Smitty. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He got me out with time to spare, will def be back to shop with him.read more
Shelby Elise
Shelby E.
15:04 25 Aug 20
What a cute store this was! All the staff was suuuuuuuper friendly, which was a big plus. The products are awesome! I would like to give a little shout out to Taryn tho! She was really polite, professional and knowledgeable about all the products she walked me through and that is what makes a customer want to come back.Great service.Great employees.Great product.10/10 recomend.read more
Mike King
Mike K.
20:32 22 Aug 20
This place is great and has some of my favorite people working behind the counter. Sarah, Christina, and Misty have been fantastic to work with. Highly recommend Muv and these awesome women.read more
Tavyion Savery
Tavyion S.
18:36 21 Aug 20
Muv is by far my favorite dispensary. Cheap quality products by comparison to others and helpful staff. Christina is the most knowledgeable and friendly person, I look forward to seeing her every time.read more
20:33 19 Aug 20
Taryn is always super knowledgeable and very helpful when I shop here, great place to grab whatever you need.Edit – 5 months later and I still enjoy MUV as my dispensary and TARYN is STILL there and amazing as always!! Thanks guys 🖤read more
Serena Emmanuelli
Serena E.
17:43 19 Aug 20
If you’re not going here for your needs and you’re not getting help from the amazing Taryn, all I can say is you’re doing it wrong. Amazing store with amazing staff. Someone give that girl a raise she was so helpfulread more
Lise Mckenney
Lise M.
23:05 16 Aug 20
I ALWAYS GET THE BEST SERVICE FROM Sarah Farmer. She is informative, kind and professional. Be sure to ask for her.
Shay Bryant
Shay B.
18:41 14 Aug 20
Christina was amazing! She helped me find the perfect products for what I was looking for! She also explained each experience per strain! Highly recommend this store!read more
Robinson Rodriguez
Robinson R.
15:34 14 Aug 20
I’ve been spending a lot there because they always give me a great reason to go back. Jana, Taryn, Cameron, Connor, Lori, and the rest of the crew are the reason I keep coming back. Great job, guys!read more
Brenda J
Brenda J
16:59 12 Aug 20
Had the absolute best customer service experience with Kendra today…she went above and beyond and took the time to help me set up the app. Always a pleasure to shop MUV…wonderful customer service and high quality products.read more
16:37 12 Aug 20
My experience was AWESOME!!! Great products!! Very friendly staff!! From entrance to exit I always felt taken care of. I would like to mention one associate by name and that’s Misti!!! She was SUPER knowledgeable, extra friendly, and even convinced me to try stuff I never would have without her recommendation!!! Overall, Muv Jax is a TEN star location and Misti is a SUPER associate!!! I will absolutely be back!!!read more
Maria Pilosi
Maria P.
14:43 12 Aug 20
Every time I go into MUV, the employees are just so nice and professional. I ask a ton of questions about products and they are always very patient with me. I spoke with the manager Janna a few times and she is so nice! I always recommend this company to any and all friends who need relief with pain. Good job!! Will definitely continue to come here!!read more
Michael Lucero
Michael L.
22:27 10 Aug 20
Prices are of available medication is pretty high, Ive been told it’s supply and demand. Flower cup stock is very low in the Jacksonville, Jax beach area for what I am looking for. That being said I was told some day when they expand grow operations to meet There high demand. I hope they open there new grow operation soon to meet patient demand for products. Regina from customer service was very nice and knowledgeable about my experience and situation both financially and medically. She was very kind and did here best to try and offer solutions for my problem , unfortunately we are unable to find a solution to my problem till flower comes in a few months. If it works for you I do highly recommend there RSO and vape products. Even though on a personal level do not provide me the feeling or relief I’m looking for. I will be coming back because of Regina and her outstanding customer service! Low stock and availability on flower cups!read more
James LeBlanc
James L.
15:41 03 Aug 20
I was new to the dispensary and the staff was very polite, professional, and knowledgeable of their products. I tried the cherry punch strain and I want to say the other was Guru. Both were clean hitting, the aroma of the Guru as well as it’s vibrant colors and nice palpable high worked well. I used these two for Anxiety, light aid for my Sciatica, and nausea.I highly recommend the Guru for nausea. I have daily violent stomach pains and nausea. This really honestly did help for that. Cherry punch helped my sciatica more, as well as helped me slow my anxieties down and helped me to get sleep.read more
Angela Haskins
Angela H.
16:39 28 Jul 20
Love this place. My favorite person is Danya! Shes sooo sweet and she makes sure i understand what credit or deals are available to me and shes very intelligent. Always a pleasure when she serves me.read more
Heather Frankow
Heather F.
23:07 23 Jul 20
Was sold 2 carts and not a soul mentioned they needed THEIR battery. I came back to buy weeks later and they closed before 7p by a few minutes it was seriously infuriating cuz I left work early to try to make it on time. So, now I have carts I cannot use unless I come back a THIRD time. Huge money grab on the battery instead of universal carts. And got their supposed highest strain of thc leaf and it was medium strength at best and was do dry it crumbled in your fingers. NEXT.read more
Mike's cannabis reviews
Mike’s cannabis R.
16:22 23 Jul 20
I had issues with some strains but found the guru and slurricane and like them a lot so far and the manager Jenna is amazing she takes her time to listen to patients and that’s just priceless imo only complaint I have is with the packaging so definitely would shop here again for my medicinal cannabisread more
Sherri Lynn Willett
Sherri Lynn W.
15:20 20 Jul 20
Excellent Staff Love Dr. Cordero was Caring and Honest and very knowledgeable . The Whole appt. was Fast and Easy Thank you Venita for All your Helpread more
Lori Phillips
Lori P.
22:22 16 Jul 20
My low rating is only based on the oil they sell in syringes. It seems like a great deal because they give you 1 gram for $70 but the oil is very low quality And is not thick and almost comes out in a watery flow. Half gram syringe from Trulieve or Cureleaf last twice as long as low quality 1 gram syringe from MUV. #truthread more
Flower is popcorn size and didn’t help my medical conditions like they said it would definitely wouldn’t go back here againread more
Anthony Broome-DeLisser
Anthony B.
23:15 19 Jun 20
I have been to multiple MUV locations and all others were very professional. I went to use my renewal card with the last discount of buy one get one. They refused to allow me to be able to use the discount. States to me that you could only use 2 in a year. I just used the first 2 discounts from the card a month ago at another location and still refused to honor it. I even contact the main number and they added the complaint but could not give me the discount. I will not be returning to any of the locations for meds after this runaround. The branch managers have all the power in each location, even though they are a chain. I have never been treated like this before and refuse to allow it. I hope this info gets to a much higher rank of management so they can correct this for future patients. Completely in disbelief…….read more
Fallen Serenity
Fallen S.
01:57 15 Jun 20
Good prices, good variety and EXTREMELY helpful employees. They’ll give a 25% off discount for your first visit/order. There are more discounts on your second and third visit as well.read more
Sara Benajmin
Sara B.
00:57 24 May 20
I was recently a first time customer at Muv – San Marco location and it was an absolute breeze. Lori was the biggest help and super informative, making purchasing products so easy as a first timer. Definitely go see these guys!read more
Crystal Schelldorf
Crystal S.
21:40 18 Apr 20
Great customer service and privacy. Nice deals for new customers and even free donuts on patriotic holidays 😊 I’m always in and out quickly and happy to see the sanitary conditions. Regular prices are fair and the product is top quality.read more
17:14 10 Mar 20
Favorite dispensary with my favorite tenders! Big shout out to Taryn for talking me into the inhaler for the quick and easy delivery method for my medication. Next level stuff; she also helped me find a new favorite for my concentrates. Thanks again.read more
LOU2U2 .
LOU2U2 .
13:55 09 Mar 20
Greatest Place besides Church Gen-1:11
Briana Gonzales
Briana G.
22:31 06 Mar 20
Had such a great experience here!! Taryn helped me select JUST the product I was needing! She was super attentive and answered all the questions I had about different strains, you can tell they know their stuff there. Will definitely be stopping by againread more
john toastal
john T.
00:22 05 Mar 20
Great place to shop! Always Very friendly and willing to help. Love when I get Lori!!! She is always really motivated to make sure I get what need and answer any questions I have! Will continue to be a frequent customerread more
Allen Young
Allen Y.
21:25 04 Mar 20
This is the best dispensary that I have been to. The product is great but so are your staff members. Most of the time I come in Lori is the smiling face that greets me. She is always knowledgeable of all the products you carry and I often just ask her to pick something out for me to try. She is the best!read more
Nicole Baker
Nicole B.
16:07 04 Mar 20
As a new patient, I relied on the experience and guidance of the staff to help explain the products and effects to me based on my prescription. I was told to see Clay Delaney at the Muv dispensary on Hendricks, and I am very fortunate I did. He took the time to go over exactly what I needed and explained each product in detail to me. I have been back to see him several times and have been satisfied with each product he has referred to me. I highly recommend you ask for Clay if you ever get a chance to visit this location!!read more
D.M. Hubble
D.M. H.
00:03 09 Feb 20
Best overall product line in the area. Attentive, informative staff. Small yet nice waiting area. Only dispensary in town with live sample jars of stocked flower so you can see, smell, and know what you are getting.read more
Micheal McClanahan
Micheal M.
23:26 01 Feb 20
Always very efficient here. I have never waited longer than 5 minutes to be able to place my order in store. They also offer online ordering with pickup in store or delivery. Amazing selection of product. I’m always able to find something that will help me.read more
Mixed Fillings
Mixed F.
22:11 17 Jan 20
The staff at the San Marco, Hendricks Ave location are so friendly and incredibly knowledgeable.As a new resident of Jacksonville it can be overwhelming so when staff members make you feel welcomed it really says a lot about them. One employee in particular named Ace I believe always goes the extra mile to make sure that I get my medication dispensed in a efficient manner and let’s me know how much I have available if I am running low. She takes the time to understand what I need as an individual and she has helped me find the perfect combination of cannabis products for my PTSD which has also made my new transition a breeze. She’s an exemplary person and honestly makes my experience at this dispensary so unique that it’s the only dispensary I have used since Sept 2019. Thank you MUV for having an amazing staff and great quality products!read more
AJ Johns
20:46 08 Jul 19
I absolutely love Müv! The staff always remember me and my dad when we come in. There is hardly any wait time if there is one at all. We only shop here for our THC needs 💘read more
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