MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Lady Lake

929 US-441 Highway
Suite 202
Lady Lake, FL 32159

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10 – 7

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

A Lady Lake MüV dispensary located is now open at 929 US-441 Highway in Lady Lake, FL 32159 to service Lake County. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for Florida Medcard patients near Lady Lake with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care.

AltMed MüV Products


Lady Lake – MüV cannabis products are now available by home delivery from this Lady Lake cannabis store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Chad Chenoweth
Chad C.
00:27 18 Jan 22
I loved my experience at this store. They have quality products at good prices. The staff are very knowledgeable and they're always polite and helpfulread more
Christine Schaefers
Christine S.
02:33 20 Nov 21
So their product is pretty good and a nice selection available and I had almost zero wait for my pick up Express order, all good things. However, I got there around 545-6pm and it was pitch black. No lights on outside no nothing no sign (I get why it's The Villages). Outside should have some sort of lighting, just saying. When I got back in my car I was approached by a guy and even being hyper aware of my surroundings I did not see him. Get some lights outside please.read more
Kevin Moore
Kevin M.
16:51 05 Nov 21
Very nice store. The staff is very helpful. They will take all the time you need to get Info on Products.
Anthony Mott
Anthony M.
17:10 21 Oct 21
All the staff have been very nice and helpful for what products I need. They have some great strains of flower as well. Take advantage of the daily sales and discount cards for the best deals. Maybe bring a jacket because it's FREEZING in there. 🤘😎read more
17:09 17 Oct 21
I appreciate MUV dispensary. I've visited several different dispensaries in the area, and am most satisfied with MUV. the products are great and many of the prices, very affordable with the highest of quality. The staff is nice and informative. I spoke with Kelvin on the phone and was impressed with his customer service.read more
Chris Byrd (Angry Byrd)
Chris Byrd (Angry B.
17:22 09 Oct 21
Staff was very knowledgeable and ready to explain things to you in simple terms, and make great recommendations. Great first experience.read more
Becky Lynn
Becky L.
19:22 03 Oct 21
I love the employees, the quality of their products aren't quite as good as others in the area. It is mostly handicap accessible, everything they sell they will fully explain to you before you purchase.read more
Richard Bunce
Richard B.
18:16 16 Sep 21
Absolutely the best dispensary has the best product has the nicest people they treat you with the utmost kindness and respect their prices are right and their specials are terrific love them wouldn't go anywhere elseread more
Steven Lloyd
Steven L.
22:36 13 Sep 21
This is a very professional easy to use dispensary. This was my very first time and they treated me really well. I would highly recommend that you use this dispensary.read more
Erica Guenther
Erica G.
03:40 23 Aug 21
Great people work here 😊 very friendly and went out of their way to explain all products plus good first time discountsread more
Vinny hazard
Vinny H.
17:34 20 Aug 21
I’ve been coming to this location for awhile now, and I must say they have the best customer service and are always really informative with all their products. I also just got off the phone with the patient care team with some questions and (Brianna) went above and beyond to help get me the answers I needed and she even placed my order for me over the phone to make sure my items were waiting for me when I arrived.. HOW COOL!!!! MUV hands down best dispensary in the sunshine sate…. Thanks brianna 😎read more
Mark Walz
Mark W.
00:37 16 Aug 21
My first visit couldn’t have been better. I was greeted promptly in the reception area, and called back within a few minutes. I requested counseling to find the right products to start me on the path for my specific needs. He took a lot of time with me, answered all of my questions, helped guide me into deciding which products to start with, and explained how they work. They didn’t try to oversell me with products that would not be helpful to me. I’m really pleased with the products I got. I will be back when I need more products, and will refer anyone I know who could benefit from medical cannabis to the Lady Lake MUV dispensary.read more
Chrishadah Ali Williams
Chrishadah Ali W.
21:55 12 Aug 21
Just visited muv dispensary in lady lake not good service at all over talks customers we go to a place to get medicine not be over talked. At least Trulieve reps listen don’t over talk their customers and truly care about what their patients say and requestread more
Eric Reickel
Eric R.
23:04 02 Aug 21
Super helpful and knowledgeable staffer really helped me with questions! Wish I could remember his name, but he able to discuss literature, film and music all the while helping me with my med'cine. Highly recommend!read more
Kathy Healy
Kathy H.
19:31 20 Jul 21
I really like them, very friendly very clean and nice atmosphere. They're also helpful when you need something. Overall great place.read more
The Truth
The T.
18:46 18 Jul 21
Customer service is great Lauren spoke with me and explained what I needed to do I definitely appreciate attitude they had especially the first time I called I had a bad attitude they good people with good service .....thank youDaveread more
Tanya Martin
Tanya M.
17:10 15 Jul 21
They are very friendly and helpful to people who are new to it. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Mini Coop
Mini C.
16:21 05 Jul 21
I love MUV in lady lake they are always friendly and helpful. I honestly can’t compare them to anyone else as I’m so happy with this place I have never even went anywhere else lol.read more
Jonathan Curlin
Jonathan C.
17:38 20 Jun 21
very very disappointed. Missing a good amount of weight being medicine.UPDATE after owner comments:They have done NOTHING to make this right. I recommend another Medical dispensary, this place does not believe in patient servicesread more
Gary Pastore
Gary P.
19:54 08 Jun 21
Nice bright happy knowledgeable people!, i loved it!, a great experience. I even got help getting there as waze gps was wrong, ty guys.read more
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel S.
14:07 26 May 21
Very clean and modern location, with a great selection. Only dispensary I have seen so far with a sample product to smell before purchase. I will definetly be back!read more
Incredible Hulk
Incredible H.
16:36 16 May 21
Anyone else received expired products here? Also a pre-roll was half the size and weight was .5 gram should have been 1 gram? Was tampered with for sure. Do they have a return policy? The expired products were a few concentrates I purchased few weeks back.. Check your products before leaving.read more
Megan Jones
Megan J.
18:11 21 Apr 21
Always a pleasure to go there. I always order online and my stuff is always ready when scheduled. Everyone who works there is super nice and a pleasure to deal with. Highly reccomended over Trulieve.read more
Angie Vaughan
Angie V.
02:48 21 Apr 21
I really like their prices but since it was 420 they gave no prices away I was looking forward to it
Logan Terrell
Logan T.
01:54 18 Apr 21
I always have a positive experience at this location! Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. The selection of products is great as well!read more
Lutora Waters
Lutora W.
15:36 09 Apr 21
They just getting started so some things r still shake but wonderful people
Thomas Bernard
Thomas B.
19:43 06 Apr 21
Staff was awesome, store was also 👌Information packet they give is cool.Decent product selection
Zachary Stokes
Zachary S.
18:05 27 Mar 21
Extremely happy with MUV in lady lake store. The Staff is by far the best employees I have ever seen anywhere! Very Friendly and Very Helpful. Highly recommended!! Great job to the employees keep up the awesome customer service!read more
Shel Qualls
Shel Q.
03:07 19 Mar 21
I would give them five stars, but it could have been better.This was my first ever purchase, and I told the lady this. She was very nice, but could have been more helpful. I would liked to have been educated a bit on the products I purchased.After several days of not helping me sleep, I used a larger amount of product to get to sleep and stay asleep. I also got a vape that didn't have any affect on me either. These cost too much to not work better. Maybe this is how medical MJ works. It's very weak.It was over an hour drive there, so I didn't want to come back anytime soon. There were only 20 chewables in one package, so if I'd known this, I'd have gotten two packages so I didn't have to drive back in 19 days.The first time discount was good, and I'm glad to have gotten it, since it wasn't very good products.read more
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly J.
21:22 06 Mar 21
Very impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge and atmosphere. Prices a bit high, but to be expected. I did not get a menu though in my goody bag and I think it would be helpful if they had a printout of our laws as medical marijuana usersread more
Jessie Estock
Jessie E.
04:21 05 Jan 21
Best dispensary hands down , the only thing I can say which has happened to me multiple times is I have gotten batches of flower full of mature seeds . One eighth I got 14 seeds . Just about a half gram of them probablyEdit : haven’t seen any seeds since I posted the review 😏 still best place around ! Service and quality .read more
Richard Santiago
Richard S.
20:05 13 Dec 20
Amazing... Excellent customer service... Such an easy comfortable process from start to finish... User friendly web site.... Great deals... You can't ask for a better organization!read more
Jessie Estock
Jessie E.
19:50 07 Oct 20
Best dispensary hands down , the only thing I can say which has happened to me multiple times is I have gotten batches of flower full of mature seeds . One eighth I got 14 seeds . Just about a half gram of them probablyread more
Beau Patteson
Beau P.
20:28 29 Sep 20
The nicest dispensary I’ve been in to date. I was a walk in and had no wait. Ample parking and a very welcoming atmosphere ( no crowds lingering around). Inside, the lobby was roomy with ample signage showing available medicines and prices. I was welcomed immediately and taken back within 2 minutes of arrival. The staff are knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions you have. Amazing location!!!!!read more
22:16 22 Sep 20
Staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. They become to know everyone on a first name basis and are always willing to help recommend the best product suited for each patient!read more
Karen Chancey
Karen C.
14:15 21 Sep 20
Nick at this location has literally been the single person to recommend medication I needed that has helped me be able to eat and walk again! I have been on a feeding tube since May 2020 with his advice and knowledge I started using RSO tincture and it has worked amazingly on my GI tract!THANK YOU MUV for hiring such great talentThe staff at this location are very knowledgeable and willing to help. Very pleasant experience.read more
Teresa Schwarz
Teresa S.
23:08 16 Sep 20
Very nice and knowledgeableThe atmosphere is very comfortable.
17:23 13 Sep 20
The staff is always so welcoming and friendly. You can tell they enjoy working there. I also appreciate the menu in the lobby. It gives me a chance to make my decision prior to going back.read more
Rick Bush
Rick B.
05:32 13 Sep 20
Great products and awesome employees.
Rebecca Tafel
Rebecca T.
00:01 12 Sep 20
This was my first time they helped me decide what to start with for my pain and for sleeping. He gave me good information and guidance for a newbie. I’m looking forward to getting some pain relief.read more
jamie riffert
jamie R.
18:15 05 Sep 20
Love this dispensary! The people are great the products are amazing definitely recommend this place!!
Luis  Irizarry
Luis I.
00:22 05 Sep 20
Nice service ,very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I will be back...
corey edwards
corey E.
14:53 27 Aug 20
Excellent service, staff are knowlegable, very prompt in and out! 5 outta 5 on this one, not like trulieve all slow and unhelpful . And the products are great!read more
keenan Ball
keenan B.
21:00 14 Aug 20
I love everyone here and this is my favorite dispensary everyone here is so knowledge and they know what they're talking about and if so helpful and it was so lovely they help in every way that you can think of and if you don't think that you know what you're talkin about they help you with it they will walk you through point a to point b this is the best dispensaries hand down in Florida and in the area if you are in the area I have highly recommend coming here if your patient I do not remember everything one name but Jason and kaitlinnread more
Leila Holton
Leila H.
13:38 07 Aug 20
They are great. Everyone was super nice and helpful. The whole process from start to finish was very efficient. Entire store was clean, I felt very comfortable while I was there.read more
Sue Morris
Sue M.
18:50 02 Aug 20
Delivery was the best part of the experience. Lovely people! I’m a brand new Medical MJ customer. At age 63, I can say it took me 50 years to have legal marijuana products in my hands. I’m so happy! Can’t wait to try everything I ordered!read more
Crystal Grimstead
Crystal G.
18:01 20 Jul 20
Love this place! The staff is so friendly and helpful. John always goes out of his way to answer all my million questions.read more
Todd Edwin
Todd E.
23:55 17 Jul 20
weed is on point
Shannon Church
Shannon C.
20:12 28 Jun 20
I LOVE THIS PLACE!! There is never a wait and they have some very unique and high quality products! Also has a great first time customer discount and rewards program! JOHN and KATHERYN are amazing at their jobs! They are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any amount of questions you may have! So glad to have a location close to home now..I was driving an hour away to get to MUV. Definitely worth checking out!!read more
Anecia townley
Anecia T.
14:19 30 May 20
The atmosphere is amazing. The customer service from the time I opened the door was inviting and professional. All the employees are very knowledgeable and give great recommendations on products they think id like. I can go in there and they will tell me exactly what would work best for me by explaining what I’m looking for; whether it be calming, or more energized. The only issue I have with this dispensary is their location isn’t the best yet they are one of the best dispensaries around. I feel if müv changed their location to bailey plaza; which has a dispensary in it already (liberty health science) that müvs clientele would triple if not more. Their too hidden right now. So I hope in the future they move closer to the main road so that they don’t get looked over and business gets better for themread more
Kimberly Warrick
Kimberly W.
02:33 15 May 20
Brandi in phone customer service was amazing walked me through everything had my pickup order ready in 30 minutes. Then i get to the store and they made sure I was well taken care of as well.. My first visit and won't be my lastread more
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