MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Lutz

21126 State Rd 54
Suite 104
Lutz, FL 33558

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10 – 7

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary/MMTC – Now Open

A Lutz MüV dispensary located is now open at 21126 State Rd 54 in Lutz, FL 33558 to service Northern Hillsborough County. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for Florida Medcard patients near Fort Myers with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care.

AltMed MüV Products


Lutz – MüV cannabis products are now available by home delivery from this Lutz cannabis store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Jessi Stone
Jessi S.
14:47 14 Jul 21
I love muv for the simple reason of amazing customer service. They have wonderful products and are willing to help with any issues you may have. I had the pleasure of talking to SAM this time and she was so friendly and even offered to contact me every time they have a concentrate sale. If you don't go for the quality products then go check it out just to see how friendly and nice they are. Thank you sam!read more
Barbara Brooks Morrison
Barbara Brooks M.
13:29 30 Jun 21
Great service, Budtenders are very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend checking this shop out! And adding some special bud tenders that are so awesome . Check out Jensine and Claire both very knowledgeable and very personable. Love this shop. And there employees make you feel like family.read more
Kristy Gray
Kristy G.
21:42 13 Jun 21
The parking lot is a pain to get into, if you're coming South from Dale Mabry or East from 54. Otherwise, I love the MUV Dispensaries, in general, and this one did not disappoint. Friendly staff, quick service, and I love the convenience of ordering ahead. I will most definitely be back!read more
Amanda Cody
Amanda C.
20:57 22 May 21
This is absolutely my #1 favorite place! Hands down! I’m always greeted and feel very welcomed when I come into the building. Especially, every time I come to retrieve my purchase I’m always greeted with Trent B. He is very knowledgeable and cares about the overall customer experience. He always goes above and beyond to not just giving me the ultimate customer experience but he makes me feel like family when I’m there. It means a lot when you know the patient by name and actually care to see how you are doing and actually remembering you. That means more to someone then you think! Great place! Great products! Amazing deals! Great Patient experiences.read more
Kelly Kruft
Kelly K.
16:55 07 May 21
After 2+ years of shopping in this industry, Müv has the perfect blend of great customer service and product selections. They are reliable and quick vs. other company names.They also run generous sales, quite often, unlike Trulieve. And they even bless people who also work in the industry with 20% off.Thank you for taking care of your customers!read more
Beau Salsman
Beau S.
16:27 03 May 21
Big thanks to Claire today for all of the help. MUV has always been great with customer service and quality products. By far my favorite dispensary in Tampa area.read more
Babe Daze
Babe D.
19:08 14 Apr 21
The deals were super. The knowledge of the staff was amazing and professional with good vibes and good moods all around. Thank you Trent for a job superbly done and for making me feel very welcome. Although you need to move location.read more
Matthew Lawrence
Matthew L.
00:08 01 Apr 21
The product and staff at this location are absolutely amazing especially Jensine and Sabrina. These two ladies always make my day each and every single time that I see them. What sets this dispensary apart from any other when I’ve been to is the fact that these two ladies treat me as family and have helped me to create wonderful new memories each and every time that I am inside the store including but not limited to special dances to really good strains :). Honestly at the end of the day there is no where else I would rather shop but Muv Lutz and it’s because of two wonderful ladies that make my day each and every time I see them. I know that if you come here you’re gonna have an amazing experience just like I have 10 out of 10.read more
14:17 30 Mar 21
This place is great! John was very knowledge and everybody was friendly, i highly recommend them.
jennie banta
jennie B.
02:59 29 Mar 21
Zach is a great asset to your company. Thank you for the great customer service and educating me on the products I purchased.read more
Ashley Lyles
Ashley L.
19:32 28 Mar 21
Staff is always friendly especially my girl Jas! I never feel rushed and the wait is never to bad. They’re always willing to explain the different products they have in stock and are very knowledgeable.read more
Jeri Lorenzo
Jeri L.
20:18 26 Mar 21
This place is amazing Jensine was very attentive and informing she even did a demonstration for me of the hydrating lotion great place great peopleread more
19:24 22 Mar 21
I've been to this dispensary only a handful of times but today will be my last. I tried this dispensary because my doctor gave me a referral card. This dispensary is an hour away from me but my grandma lives close by so I make it a dual purpose trip most of the time. Well my first visit I presented the card and since I hadn't been there before I was told they have the store discounts for being a new patient and then once that's exhausted I could use the card. Awesome right more discounts?! (Most dispensaries do a 25% first order and $75 off $150 for your second discount) I enjoyed coming here despite being out of the way, even if I wasn't visiting grandma I kept returning because of the awesome service I would receive. The first few times I had the same tender she remembered me and we engaged in conversation; overall great experiences the first couple times.Today however, not so much. I had gone to another dispensary earlier in the day for some other products that MUV doesn't carry. I had been driving since 11 am and finally get to MUV about 1 for my pick up order. I didn't end up getting home until 230 with traffic.There was a slight misunderstanding about the discounts on my part and I just didn't completely understand but the cashier had figured a way to make it right. I was happy. I was not happy with the cashier who wasn't even assisting me and was assisting another customer making comments under her breath about the misunderstanding with another customer.I had intended on keeping my oder as my original tender had come up with a resolution but for the lack of professionalism from the other associates part made my decision of spending my money elsewhere that much easier.I was only coming out of my way for the excellently customer service that is typically given at this store. But with gas prices rising traveling an hour to be disrespected is not worth the new patient referral discounts that are given at any other dispensary. Good thing there are so many other options that are cheaper and closer. Its amazing what 1 bad employee can do for your establishment.read more
Scot Siegman
Scot S.
09:14 16 Mar 21
Been told this Guru flower at MUV will make my 4 star review a 5 star review? Let's see if the hype is real...
Big Oak
Big O.
22:16 02 Mar 21
Staff is always so nice and friendly. Products always high quality. Staff able to answer any and all questions asked. Recommend MUV over curaleaf across the street all day long due to the difference in how the staff interact with clients.read more
Scot Siegman
Scot S.
20:05 15 Feb 21
UPDATE: Unfortunately MUV has fallen from grace. What was once my #1 Dispensary is now not even an option anymore due to really seedy or dry flower to the point it turns to dust when you squeeze it. That coupled with a horrible return policy and lack of any discounts makes MUV a no go for me. I didnt mind the higher prices when the quality justified it but now I'll find another way to grind my $50 bills into dust. After 3 bad 1/8's in a row and poor customer service I have to cut my loses. I'll try you guys out again in a year and see if any changes have been made. ✌🔥read more
09:59 11 Feb 21
This bud looks great, but has been sitting in an not airtight container for a month. It is super dry, and has little to no taste or smell. At 50 dollars for an 8th this is unacceptable. I was told muv has some of the best quality bud, and I am far from impressed. Sick of opening jars of flower with no smell.read more
Jacob Conley
Jacob C.
19:32 30 Dec 20
I called yo make sure my discounts would work and when I got there (50 minutes one way...) they said it wouldn't work and they have to cancel one of my discounts. Beyond annoyed...UPDATE( a customer service representative called to make sure this was all sorted out and taken. Regina was her name, a super sweet lady)read more
Elvis Anglin
Elvis A.
17:02 12 Dec 20
Went in the other day and before I could sit down after checking in John called me back,I was unsure of what to get and he explained everything to me very thoroughly. After listening to him I feel much more educated on your products,Thank you again for the GREAT service John! I will definitely be back to see you guys AGAIN.read more
David Pedersen
David P.
13:50 29 Nov 20
Hello! Other than the lack of access due to the train tracks, and sometimes a lack of certain inventory, (common in all dispensaries), I truly enjoy all the staff as well as the atmosphere. MUV is the only dispensary smart enough to put a big screen in the lobby with all the available items and prices right in front of you if you are a walk in. I drive 25 minutes to go here but the service, and quality of products keeps me interested. I would highly recommend MUV to anyone looking for a dispensary that has a different approach. A refreshing one at that. Call Malik in Tampa first so your order is ready for pickup when you arrive!Peace and safety to all!read more
Bebe Brown
Bebe B.
18:50 11 Nov 20
The person who assisted me was really helpful. He seemed sincere in helping me find the best product for the relief I was needing.I didn't give them 5 stars because....The website encourages online ordering and states that you would be next when you check in, as long as your order was ready. That you would not have to wait in line with the rest of their customers.Although I ordered online, got an approval and a text that my order was complete and ready to pick up... When I went inside, my name was put in the "waiting customer" que. I had to wait in line for a turn with all the rest of the customers. That defeats the whole reason for preordering.read more
Barbara Brooks Morrison
Barbara Brooks M.
05:38 04 Oct 20
Great service, Budtenders are very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend checking this shop out!
20:59 03 Oct 20
I love this dispensary! Not only is this location super convenient for me, but the people there are great. They always have a positive attitude and seem genuinely excited to be there! Their products are great, I’ve been going to MÜV dispensaries for a while and I love everything I get there. Each time I go is a new great experience! 🙂 Thanks for the great service, I look forward to going again soon.read more
Edgar Brice
Edgar B.
16:50 13 Sep 20
Clean,great service!
Melissa McGlynn
Melissa M.
18:40 08 Sep 20
I want to thank Jensine for taking the time to help one of our patients today. We value taking the time to educate our patients, make sure they are comfortable & confident in their options, and to have a great experience visiting dispensaries. Getting honest input educating them on the most appropriate product they are looking for; Jensine did just that.read more
Julio Robles
Julio R.
23:12 04 Sep 20
Terrible Terrible would not recommend this dispensary I used the delivery service option would not recommend any delivery from this location, i live 30min from this location and just because they offer free shipping over a certain amount doesn’t mean you should take them up on their offer. Wasted a day waiting around 8hours for a $200 delivery because the only delivery window they can offer is 10am-6pm and u need to be present for delivery. Received my text message in the morning saying my order would be delivered that day (placed order the night before) only to receive another text 30min before the delivery window saying “Your order is being prepared and on the way”. 630pm no delivery, I call customer service they call the location and the representative apologized and says they can’t fulfill my order today and they can guarantee it will be delivered the next day and explained that when u check the little acceptance and disclaimer boxes that means orders can be delayed and u wont get delivery guaranteed but yet you can guarantee my order will be delivered the next day? yea sure let me sit around another day waiting around 10-6 for another delivery that might not be guaranteed because after all I did check the box and accepted the terms, yea I get it pandemic and what not but not everyone has the luxury of sitting around waiting all day for a delivery. I should’ve just taken the 30min drive and picked up my order myself. I order from dispensaries all over tampa and this is the first dispensary i’ve had this issue with and my last as I will not be making anymore future purchases at this location or any Muv location and Ill stick with other dispensary Brands as they actually guarantee your shipping and have better products anyways.P.S ill be making sure I spend the rest of my already wasted day writing the same reviews and personal experience with MUV to every review website out thereread more
Skyleur Joseph
Skyleur J.
16:45 22 Aug 20
Great atmosphere, great staff very helpful and always helping to fit what you need highly recommended.
Leah Barter
Leah B.
20:38 18 Aug 20
We are muv'ers for life
Dave Janeway
Dave J.
01:47 28 Jul 20
I've been to 3 MUV shops. All were great but the Lutz shop stands out. Very knowledable people, very friendly, very effieicent and last but not least just fun to be around.My only complaint is the hard water at this store. Iron stains on the sink and toilet - I guess I need to buy more product to help get a water softener at this store.read more
Lauren Williams
Lauren W.
13:31 24 Jun 20
I have never once had a bad experience at this location-- All the employees here are knowledgeable, kind, and never make me feel rushed. The amazing service has ALWAYS been consistent! My most recent call in was to Brendilee and she was an absolute joy to work with. I would give 10 stars if I could!read more
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