MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Orlando, FL

101 S Garland Ave
Orlando, Florida 32801

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10 – 7
Sun:  Closed 

Payment Methods:


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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

An Orlando MüV dispensary is now open at 101 S Garland Ave in Orlando, Florida 32801 to service Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Oviedo and Orange county in general. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for patients near Orlando with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care.

AltMed MüV Products


Orlando – MüV cannabis products are available by home delivery within 20 miles of the Orlando store location to Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Oviedo and Orange county. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Marion Hambright
Marion H.
21:02 16 Oct 21
I have been to the Longwood MUV 4 times. The first time was good, the last 3 times were not. Always check if the product you ordered is what is in the bag. They like to bate you with a high thc % and switch you to a lower % version. Not my problem anymore, I'll never be back!read more
O'Brien Miles-Rhodes
O'Brien M.
06:32 16 Oct 21
Knowledgeable staff, kind and welcoming. They always have a good deal and understand that this service is a real medical remedy for their patientsread more
Laura Williams
Laura W.
20:04 19 Sep 21
the staff here is absolutely great! they’re welcoming and knowledgeable. the only downside is parking 😞 I wish they had a designated area for MÜV customers nearby. Hopefully it’s taken into consideration soon.read more
jiggers d
jiggers d
17:08 17 Sep 21
I have only purchased through delivery, and it has been amazing!!!.... product and service is top notch, from my experience...the delivery people are always friendly and efficient, just wish they had more flower options.read more
Joy S
Joy S
21:07 26 Aug 21
Very clean and easy to get to, considering it's downtown. Staff is nice and professional. Inventory was good. Cooper helped me with my order and answered all my questions. Discounts are good too!read more
Nick Borrero
Nick B.
16:20 26 Aug 21
The staff was very friendly & knowledgeable. I felt comfortable & welcome the whole time I was there. Will return soon.
Peter Carlson
Peter C.
12:31 15 Aug 21
Their products and prices are good, the store is nice, and everyone I have dealt with has been great. Except for one of the managers Patrick, who had a member of his staff call me to ask me for more money and make the transaction more lucrative for the store. I used a physician referral discount, a store credit from a return, and CanPay. This manager thought his staff should have applied my store credit, then the discount (increasing my cost by about $30), then have me pay the difference which is not how retail works. I can't believe the audacity to call a patient on a Saturday night because you can't comprehend basic customer service and mathematics. I worked in retail for 10 years and how he became a manager is beyond me. Even after I tried to explain it to him multiple times, he still maintained his position until I had to finally hang up out of anger and frustration.read more
O'Brien Jones-Rhodes
O'Brien J.
21:39 04 Aug 21
Jenna met my husband and I at the door. She helped me immensely and was so knowledgeable to her inventory, there was nothing she didn't know. I came in for one thing and left with 6. I left with less money but feeling a heck of a lot more secure. Jenna is an asset to her company. The last thing I need in my current state is stress over buying needed medication. Thank you for making it easy.read more
J.D. Martinez
J.D. M.
03:00 17 Jun 21
Love this place, conveniently located, great hours, offers online ordering & pick up and even delivery (which I haven't tried yet) but good to know we have that option. Very welcoming, clean and the staff it's not only knowledgeable but helpful, professional and extremely nice. I definitely recommend. 👍read more
Jessica Oliver
Jessica O.
19:37 02 Jun 21
I had a wonderful experience at the downtown MUV! I was concerned that parking would be an issue, but they are right next to a lot. My budtender, JP, was extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. He made suggestions on things for me to try and even tried to save me a little money. The front desk guy was terrific and super friendly. Comfortable is the best word to describe this place because it felt like I was amongst friends! I will definitely be going back soon!read more
Kristie Mcgraw
Kristie M.
17:34 20 May 21
Great staff. Friendly, educated, make you feel like family, ask how different products are working for you, make recommendations.......definitely have the best flower! Look for discounts or promos to help you out. Super kind and professional.read more
stephanie parker
stephanie P.
23:34 17 May 21
Every time I visit this location Meagan and Kristen go out of their way to help me. They are so kind and knowledgeable of products. I don’t feel like a customer, they make me feel like a friend. Thank you! Please tip them well. So deserving!read more
Dressed to Jill
Dressed to J.
17:38 10 May 21
TERRIBLE!!! Bad product. Bad customer service (in store).DARLENE!!! Darlene is an Angel. I spoke with her over the phone getting assistance for my order. Amazing at her job. Helped me above and beyond. Made the process seamless and even helped me purchase something additional! Great professionalism. Just a perfect experience.UPDATE! After my great chat with Darlene, i received the items. One of the items was sticky is disgusting. I contacted chat and they agreed it looked unusual and i had to drive there to exchange. Due to my ptsd, i don’t drive which is WHY I chose delivery in the first place.Anyway, I find a ride to the store and the clerk tries to tell me it’s fine and normal. Clearly the staff does not communicate with each other because I was informed that the store was fully aware of the situation. They had no idea.I brought my mother with me told her not to bother looking.Two customers have been lost due to lack of communication, lack of compassion and lack overall general knowledge.read more
Blake Engelhart
Blake E.
16:54 10 May 21
Best med shop in Orlando great products, flavors. Customer service in store and on the phone is amazing. The staff is very knowledgeable, they can help you find the specific strain to meet any need or ache you have. I spoke on the phone with Hunter and Darlene( two separate occasions) it was the best customer service experience I’ve had in my entire life. I will 100% make this my go to shop. They have everything your shop has but more trust me this is the place to go!!!read more
Dressed to Jill
Dressed to J.
16:58 07 May 21
DARLENE!!! Darlene is an Angel. I spoke with her over the phone getting assistance for my order. Amazing at her job. Helped me above and beyond. Made the process seamless and even helped me purchase something additional! Great professionalism. Just a perfect experience.read more
Brett Dault
Brett D.
22:46 01 May 21
Friendly, efficient techs with excellent product knowledge. Always a great selection available. Would love for you to open a location on the west side of town! 😉read more
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo G.
16:30 19 Apr 21
I went for the first time earlier this week. I’ll likely never go again. The man at the front desk was incredibly uninviting. He was also very rude to his staff in front of costumers. While I was there, he showed that he was angry and yelled that a man was at risk of getting written up for taking his lunch without alerting others. Why should I know that? Why are you speaking about this stuff in front of patients? Unprofessional much? He later, in a fit of frustration, told his staff (in front of customers) “I CANT DO EVERYTHING, GUYS!” It was very uncomfortable and I’d argue that someone in a position of power should be a better role model.read more
19:20 04 Apr 21
Great products and staff. Clean well organized store. I don't love the downtown location but it's not enough to hurt their ratings.read more
Clare Rich
Clare R.
21:46 03 Apr 21
Patient care team member Sam was very helpful. made sure all of my needs were met and that I got the right products for my for my pain. I would highly recommend to personally ask for her!read more
Monique Wilbert
Monique W.
23:42 27 Feb 21
Very friendly staff. Fast process no wait time. Cash only atm on site. I would give 5 stars but the parking is the biggest issue. So I opted to be dropped off and then picked back up. Kind of a 2 person deal and a hassle. I would frequent the store more often if parking was available. For now I will stop in when I have a driver to drop me off and pick me up. Please consider a better location than downtown.read more
14:36 16 Feb 21
The BEST customer service in Orlando area. Have awesome live Rosin and carts! Thanks MUV 😀
Andrew Small
Andrew S.
03:09 27 Jan 21
All around the friendliest dispensary employees I've come across in Florida. Very quick too, always can get in and out in about 10 minutes. Most enjoyable place to shop.read more
18:03 26 Jan 21
Wow! Thank you MUV for a great delivery experience!And a wonderful special Thank you to Chaz over @Patient Care Team! You recommended some GREAT products, very professional, patient and so nice!read more
Justin Viera
Justin V.
01:21 22 Jan 21
Awesome staff and excellent service, High quality products across the board. I keep hearing about the wax and rosin quality but sadly this location never really has in stock or always usually sells out fast. I love using concentrates and wish you guys had more in stock. Looking forward to trying some in the future.read more
Audi Barnes
Audi B.
18:40 13 Dec 20
Jena was helpful and informative, and very patient and thorough when answering my questions. She gave me great recommendations for sleep, nausea, and anxiety. Jena provided me with pamphlets and sheets for me to do additional researcg at home, and had me checked out on no time flat. Despite being a new customer, I was in and out in 30 minutes. Both Jena and the greeter made me aware of several discounts to make my medication more cost effective. Thank you, MUV!read more
Michael Bina
Michael B.
23:51 12 Dec 20
Excellent service from the gentlemen thats helped me twice now. Helped a newbie like myself with all my questions. Would recommend!read more
John Maldonado
John M.
00:48 03 Dec 20
Friendly people, fast service, I love that it’s in downtown. But hate that’s in downtown because of parking. Quality of products are up to par and should be seen and recognized as a major competitor.read more
Charles Entress
Charles E.
00:44 29 Nov 20
I love this dispensary. I drive 35 minutes farther than the closer MÜV because the level of service is SOOOOO much higher here.read more
claudia payne
claudia P.
23:33 26 Nov 20
All I have to do is tell them what I need help with. Your specialist for your visit is always very well informed on all of their products. Highly recommend MUV...👍read more
Brunilda Colon
Brunilda C.
19:55 26 Nov 20
Yes this is been my place to go to since I started and I loved it because they have points but now they're taking them away which is very sad but they do have a lot of discounts and I love the people there all great they really are.read more
Alison Bronson
Alison B.
23:36 23 Nov 20
Really hate to leave a negative review, but the two times I have been in there have been extremely uncomfortable. Staff did not seem knowledgeable or communicative. The atmosphere was tense and awkward. Both my partner and I agree that neither one of us has ever felt so unwelcome in a dispensary. When we said that out loud in the car after our second try coming here, I realized a comment like that warrants a review. It’s a shame because I do enjoy the products, sadly the experience matters to me as well. All the positive reviews really baffle me, wish I could say I had the same experience.read more
Tee B
Tee B
23:28 22 Oct 20
I’ve only been to this location a few times as a walk in, but I am a huge fan of their all in one vape pens! Taste is like dabs 👍🏽 never been longer than a 10 min wait to be seen, clean place, and friendly staff. It’s always worth the drive! (Please open a Kissimmee location 🤣)read more
Colonel Ruckus
Colonel R.
01:53 13 Oct 20
This is overall my favorite place to go. Staff is awesome and knowledgeable. Quality of products is on point. Never had to wait more than 5minutes. No hate towards other dispensaries this is just my personal favorite.read more
Jodie King
Jodie K.
18:02 06 Oct 20
U can call ahead to place ur order & it will be waiting for u to pick up. I have never had to wait. The staff is great & very helpful.read more
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer M.
19:47 28 Sep 20
JP and Jenna are amazing! Their product knowledge and their customer service is absolutely stellar! I highly recommend this location and it’s staff 🙂read more
JC c
JC c
22:26 08 Sep 20
Its a great dispensary with good deals specially for first time customers. There is no parking in front but there is a parking garage right behind it for only $1 for 30 minutes which was enough for me... I would recommendread more
Consuelo Rebellon
Consuelo R.
16:00 08 Sep 20
Ernest Rock
Ernest R.
20:02 07 Sep 20
No parking for this location. Time consuming looking for a park and than still wait. I prefer other convenience Locations.read more
JoJo Bracy
JoJo B.
04:40 06 Sep 20
Small but nice space. No parking...downtown. The staff were very friendly and professional. Products are good. Prices are a little higher but good discounts lately.read more
Irma Phillips
Irma P.
13:10 05 Sep 20
The only problem was having to pay for parking. Employee had great customer service. Thanks
Andrea Bartosh-Collins
Andrea B.
18:21 17 Aug 20
Top notch products , Top notch quality .. top notch customer service. Through and through extremely helpful a d most important polite and welcoming . Thanks Müv.read more
mz cocoa b
mz cocoa b
01:39 17 Aug 20
Always have what I need and fast and convenient ❤
Lavern Williams
Lavern W.
11:04 06 Aug 20
Order online the customer service has been helpful.The delivery service is great.
Supa Will
Supa W.
20:35 05 Aug 20
Don’t Waste your Time Place Is No Good Medicine Is Weak.Budtenders are Rude with little knowledge.Customer Service Not Much Better.read more
don wesley
don W.
22:05 29 Jul 20
Very knowledgeable..calm place for us vets with PTSD
John Castillo
John C.
13:53 18 Jul 20
Great helpful staff strives to make your wait short and excellent products.Easy access parking is great also a good drop off someone and go around the block too pick them right back up.I like the feed back from the staff friendly knowledgeable up to date on line inventory.You won't be disappointed at Muv Orlando.read more
This was not an experience in store, however this was an experience with an awesome representative I had the pleasure of dealing with on the phone. Stephany Galarza, a “Patient Care Team Representative” helped me significantly with something important to me and was extremely professional, polite, and overall just exceptional. She had my “problem” resolved in no time. I had to leave a review just because she was so awesome! MUV, you have a great team. I’ve experienced this at all the physical stores I’ve been to as well. Thanks again Stephany,Matt S.read more
05:44 26 May 20
Very simple Process,Good, Affordable Definitely Coming back 🤪😜
Dominique Brown
Dominique B.
21:09 18 Mar 20
Love the atmosphere the friendly people the knowledge of everything that's in it by the people and I also would like to thank everyone for helping me when and every time I come in their number oneread more
Stephanie Parker
Stephanie P.
22:45 14 Mar 20
They are so kind and never takes more than 10 minutes. Very informative with products. Thank you.
Matt Ball
Matt B.
13:43 19 Feb 20
The people there are friendly and helpful and the shop is really nice. Like an apple store or something. Their flower selection is pretty great. The one that sticks out is Guru. The smell and overall bag appeal is something. The smell is like that of a citrus fruit or bag of citrus candy. It's really incredibly funky stuff.read more
Bryan Rhodes
Bryan R.
21:16 13 Jan 20
Everyone at this location is so heapfull, knowledgeable and very nice! They make the experience stress free and much more enjoyable the other places I have been. Good selection of flower, which is my preference of medicating. Great location for being downtown. Would recommend and will be back!read more
bryman 86
bryman 8.
21:53 11 Jan 20
These guys are awesome. Took me awhile to visit muv but I'm glad I did. The disposable carts have the best taste of any others I've tried. I'll be back for sure 👍🔥👍read more
Mike Mike
Mike M.
19:46 08 Jan 20
Jordan at MUV call center was so helpful for me making my first time order for the Orlando store. He was funny, he was informative, patient, and very cooperative with me. It was a pleasure dealing with him and he never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. Top quality service. Thank you Jordanread more
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