MüV Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tallahassee

2711 Blair Stone Rd
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 10 – 7
Sun:  Closed 

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary/MMTC – Now Open

A Tallahassee MüV dispensary located is now open at 2711 Blair Stone Rd in Tallahassee, FL 32301 to service Leon River County. You can now purchase their award winning line of MüV dispensary products in stock from this location.

AltMed MüV is a fully integrated, science-based Florida company that brings compassion, community engagement, and precision to the medical cannabis industry. The low-THC/High CBD menu products are available for Florida Medcard patients near Fort Myers with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric care.

AltMed MüV Products


Tallahassee – MüV cannabis products are now available by home delivery from this Tallahassee cannabis store location. To purchase Altmeds MüV products and schedule a delivery, you will need to have received your Florida MedCard.

There is a $20 delivery fee waived if the order is over $200.

Find a certified doctor near you on our MMJ Doctor locator page or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

MUV Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Bobby Colvin Jr
Bobby Colvin J.
22:02 31 Dec 21
First time shopping at MUV and it was awesome! The girl who helped me today was very pleasant and knowledgeable about the products. I will be back.read more
Susan Dornbush Howard
Susan Dornbush H.
01:07 21 Dec 21
Experienced, courteous and patient. This is my store forever. Thank you for the tutorials and for sharing information in a way that made me feel welcomed and smart!♥️ A pat on the back to Charles who went above and beyond to assist me. HE ROCKS!read more
James Stephens
James S.
05:28 14 Dec 21
I'm fairly new to the medical marijuana as a patient I'm from blountstown I normally go to Panama City because it is a little closer to me I've been to several over there I like 2 out of several I've been to a couple in Tallahassee MuV tops them all in product literature medical advice friendly and so much more I'm a business owner myself I speak for these people top notchread more
suzanne schulte
suzanne S.
23:15 13 Dec 21
Great staff, great knowledge, great product and wonderful service. Getting into the parking lot, not so much. You have to drive past and turn around.read more
Janelle Braun
Janelle B.
15:36 10 Dec 21
Great products but why is drive thru ridiculously slow now ???? I sat at the window for 10 plus minutes.. So that's not even including how long I was waiting in line until I got to the window. Whoever is at the window needs to be quick. It it used to be really fast.. Anyhow the R So I got was great. One person left the line because it was taking so long.. This was around 10:15 to 10:30 in the morning.read more
John Tucker
John T.
14:00 26 Nov 21
Was once my favorite dispensary, but has had absolutely 0 indica flower over the last, roughly, 2 weeks or more.
Matt Gary
Matt G.
17:58 09 Nov 21
Great everytime..if you ain't MUV-ed by it then you need to go somewhere else so you will truly see how much you missed them when you MUV backread more
Chazmen Geames
Chazmen G.
00:58 20 Oct 21
I usually don't give five stars but the customer service here was A1. They are knowledgeable and don't mind you asking questions. This has been my best experience at a Tallahassee dispensary.read more
Patricia Grant
Patricia G.
18:42 22 Sep 21
Wonderful staff and great variety of merchandise. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Not overcrowded.
kevin wilkie
kevin W.
21:10 15 Sep 21
Very friendly and helpful staff. Very clean and organized facility. Great experience.
BrendaLee Lennick
BrendaLee L.
12:19 09 Sep 21
My first time experience was great. Ordered online for pickup and it was a smooth and quick process. Attendant was very helpful and informative when I had questions.read more
Rebecca Adkins
Rebecca A.
01:16 15 Aug 21
Very helpful, friendly and informative. Prices were on point as well. Definitely recommend!
Debbie Mayer
Debbie M.
14:47 01 Aug 21
I’m new to the program and I wanted to learn about each dispensary to put fears aside as I definitely think knowledge is power. So when I walked in I feel like I’m in a fast food place with the big menu boards. Not sure if I like that, but the place is absolutely beautiful. To be fair I did a 3 star because the place was so beautiful.I really wish they would update their website as I view websites continuously and MUV website does not give enough of a good description of the products i.e your mood, effects even if it reads some people may experience this or that would be very helpful. I read through reviews all the time as well and I find those helpful but I don’t like all the bubble tabs on feeling I wish I could just read it from the person who is writing the review.For me as an older person I website not so good at navigating and it needs a better full description and my hopes are they update it to be easier to read about the products etc as for me being older person those things matter as who wants to find out how you may feel after you spent a lot money of something that you really don’t know the effects because they don’t list any possible ones. So I think it matters to list some more detail on the products. But this is my opinion and I may try MUV in the future but for now I ended up at more detailed dispensary on products and very good trained employees as that’s important to me.read more
Amber Shiver
Amber S.
03:55 31 Jul 21
This place makes you feel good inside. The staff are always friendly and very helpful with the product. They are knowledgeable and will answer any question you have.read more
patricia taylor
patricia T.
18:13 16 Jul 21
I love this place the people that wait on you are amazing. I won't shop anywhere else period end of story. The products are very good the flower is so good everyone should shop at MUVread more
Debra Power
Debra P.
21:49 12 Jul 21
The absolute best flower in Tally! Always a pleasure doing business here!
Josh Covell
Josh C.
01:56 23 Jun 21
Amanda E helped me today and it could not have been a better experience. Her overall knowledge of the products and her enthusiasm to help me cannot be understated. Amazing experienceI will be backread more
Jennifer Weeks
Jennifer W.
15:50 16 Jun 21
I had a very good experience the my first time there. Ashley was very good at explaining how things worked. You don't get that at all the places. Ashley knew the products and could explain how to use the products. It was all new to me so I needed details. One other time I went in it Ashley wasn't there and the associates scared me. They were very rough and uncommunicative. One held the door while the other lead me into the room where they get the products for you. I asked questions and got frosty curt answers. I suffer from PTSD and they tighten me enough to leave. That only happened once. I miss Ashley she was great.read more
Juanita Mullens
Juanita M.
20:50 31 May 21
I have loved every single person I have dealt with at MUV. From the check in people to the checkout people. They have quality products, and explain all of them if asked.read more
Carl Warren Weathington
Carl Warren W.
21:52 14 May 21
Great dispensary. Quality products. Helpful and knowledgeable associates.
Karma K
Karma K
20:49 21 Apr 21
I’d like to write about the customer call center for MUV, specifically one representative named “SKY” (Skylar)! I called on a very busy day, and the representative (Sky) answered the phone immediately! Shocking! There was no wait time of 30 minutes (like other dispensaries with a call center)! She was super POLITE, friendly and helpful, to the point where I didn’t even want to get off the phone with her! I’ve had bad experiences with the customer care centers before (Not MUV), so all of this was shocking to me, in a great way! Sky handled what I needed so quickly, knew exactly what she was talking about, and was amazingly courteous on the phone! This is HARD to find nowadays! Please give this young lady the recognition she deserves! It gave me a much higher attitude about MUV as well!Kristi K.read more
Mike Hoxworth
Mike H.
21:55 16 Apr 21
Great place...great products.... convenient drive thru...they know me by name...that should tell you something if not EVERYTHING about a place !!!!read more
Carlene Gray
Carlene G.
01:46 07 Apr 21
Love this place. Very friendly and helpful staff. Excellent choices to choose from and I've enjoyed them all.....5❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️read more
Matt & Ginger S
Matt & Ginger S
22:52 15 Mar 21
Loved the ambiance as I walked in, very clean and comfortable. The staff were so friendly and greeted me right away, able to assist me immediately as there was no one else waiting at the moment. They were patient and helped me understand new to me medication options while making me feel at ease.Their RSO and flower are amazing and I would recommend this store to EVERYONE!read more
Rahul “Rah” Kamath
Rahul “Rah” K.
20:40 05 Mar 21
Solid selection and variety of products, with great service from friendly staff. Highly recommend!
Norberto Davila
Norberto D.
18:46 26 Feb 21
The best dispensary in Tallahassee. I will not go to any other place. The staff are really knowledgeable and helpful. I love this place.read more
Justin Royak
Justin R.
21:30 19 Feb 21
Ashley was amazing helped me get a discount I didn’t know I had and helped with amazing products! Thanks a lot Muv is awesomeread more
Nicole Donaldson
Nicole D.
15:38 10 Feb 21
I would like to edit a review, submitted previously, while I still feel confident that the company didnt listen well enough, I am aware that I additionally, was not communicating effectively.So, to clarify, my only issue, is Got stuck with product i cant use at least unless i balance it out with a mild sativa.All apologies. The company and staff overall are very kind and attentive, it was a simple miscommunication.Nicole DonaldsonPain cream is the best EVERread more
Nicole Donaldson
Nicole D.
22:51 23 Dec 20
Every time i have asked about my point because they were doing away with them. Apparently i had some that expired. Idk how when i consistently asked about them. And i bought a disposable here for the first time today, get home nearly an hour away, and it barely hits not to mention it looks burnt. Called and was told to go back to the store. Such a disappointing experience.read more
Nicole Donaldson
Nicole D.
17:24 19 Dec 20
Great staff! No wait time but because of the time of day i went there was not much of a shatter selection. Other than that, my experiences here have been pleasant.read more
Georgia Fraser
Georgia F.
22:11 03 Dec 20
The customer service was so amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. The prices are good and the product is great! I'll definitely be refilling my prescription here again. 😊read more
brandon player
brandon P.
23:00 20 Nov 20
I love this company and this specific storefront. Corey and mike were great. They both took a personal and professional approach to ensure that my needs were met. I feel they went above and beyond with their knowledge and professionalism. 5 stars I will definitely be back knowing that the staff treated me as an individual and not just another customer.read more
clay moore
clay M.
22:45 06 Nov 20
I would like to give MUV a big shout out for great service. My first experience with Ashley Gross taking care of me was top rated service. Great job keep it up and affordable. Thanks✌read more
Cristen Reagan'Bargeron
Cristen R.
19:46 18 Oct 20
I have had amazing service from your whole staff. Customer Service is a big deal to me. You guys go above and beyond. The quality of your product is amazing and you have great deals. Being able to be a patient with you all is such a blessing as I have something to actually help me heal from the hell I’ve been through in hospitals for over a year now. They put me on 26 medications. I’ve already gotten off of some without being unsafe about my tapers, but this really is a life saver. Thank you for being awesome!read more
Chance Vaughan
Chance V.
19:14 14 Oct 20
So unfortunately, one of the employees used my renewal discount with out telling me or explaining how things work.. I now have to wait 7 months or renew my card to use again. Guess muv just lost a good 200 bucks...... and a bunch of purchases...read more
Sam Sockol
Sam S.
15:57 13 Oct 20
I spoke to Edgardo Cruz on the phone but he also goes by Monty. I have to say this was the absolute best customer service I have ever had. He greeted me kindly when answering, them proceeded to be extremely helpful when directing my problem. He instantaneously solved my problem and made a generous resolution that will keep me coming back to MuV forever and ever. This guy deserves a raise, I have never wrote a review before but I felt that this guy deserved a good one.read more
15:14 09 Oct 20
Largest Selection of available products. Informed and helpful attendees.
Trent Nazworth
Trent N.
00:31 09 Oct 20
Always great service and pleasant staff experiences 👍
Candice Hill
Candice H.
16:02 08 Oct 20
WOW.... great customer service, they practice social distancing with drivethru availability, and fast delivery! The product, in my opinion, is better than Trulieve at a lower cost and wider variety.read more
Kimberly Carter
Kimberly C.
13:03 08 Oct 20
They are great but prices can be a bit high
Krista Carvajal
Krista C.
12:48 21 Sep 20
Really great staff and selection.Prices,too.
Shonda Johnson
Shonda J.
20:08 17 Sep 20
Great dispensary
Amanda Zarker
Amanda Z.
18:13 12 Sep 20
I love this place
Lovell Smith
Lovell S.
19:11 09 Sep 20
Product wise they’re by FAR the BEST in Tallahassee!!!! And as far as customer service goes everyone I met was extremely nice and helpful, especially Mr. Kenneth & Mr. Cory both associates were very informative and knowledgeable about all the products and made sure that my 1st visit was an amazing one. Long Story short I’ve found my new home away from home.read more
Joseph Johnson
Joseph J.
13:25 07 Sep 20
good quality bud and the drive thru is clutch. the wait in the drive thru sometimes sucks, but the drive thru us clutch
Cindy Fellows
Cindy F.
01:31 27 Aug 20
Kyle Furlong
Kyle F.
19:39 18 Aug 20
Between the quality of flower, and the quality of a few standout employees, this store has made me into a consistent customer! Anytime Michael or Kenneth is working I know they’re going to treat me right 🙌🏼 Mike actually recommended me 2 of the strains that have made it into my personal top 5 strains in Florida (Velvet Glove and Guru). Definitely will be back!read more
Brianna Brown
Brianna B.
18:05 18 Aug 20
Always a friendly staff. Products NEVER disappoint. Favorite dispensary hands down!
Debrah Coury
Debrah C.
18:18 08 Aug 20
Drive up windowGreat staffDiscount for traveling Good product
Kim Pastor
Kim P.
15:52 27 Jul 20
I love Muv. Always have what I need and I love their drive thru. Great customer service.
Arlene Thomas
Arlene T.
00:30 27 Jul 20
Had a great experience" n found MUV to be reasonable. And very good service! Thanks MUV"✊
Devon Oesterling
Devon O.
21:39 23 Jun 20
Great flower. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and management. Please expand flower options and cart sizes. Add 1 gram carts so I can stop driving all the way to Trulieve. Somewhat central location.read more
Mary Brantley
Mary B.
19:51 23 Jun 20
Corey was super informative and helpful for our first time visit! Great quality products too!
Andrea Cochran
Andrea C.
14:24 17 May 20
This was my first time there and the assistant manager was absolutely nice and knew what he was talking about. I take for my migraine and I think I was more open to try things that I would not normally take. He explained how each product worked and was not trying to hurry me at all. Definitely will be going backread more
Kathy F. Jones
Kathy F. J.
21:07 12 May 20
The staff is amazing!Therefore, they keep me coming back with their professionalism and pleasant customer SERVICE
Sarah Park
Sarah P.
00:01 22 Apr 20
Some of the best looking flower I personally have seen from a dispensary in town, and it wasn't even the highest tier! Smokes amazingly (strain was I think called Rainbow Funk) and helped decrease my muscular spasms and anxiety. Great service too!read more
Marcus C.
Marcus C.
17:41 11 Apr 20
Exceptional staff, very knowledgeable. Customer service is above and beyond! I even wanted to change my order last minute, and they helped me with no questions asked! I'll be back soon, appreciate all of your help.read more
Adam Colangelo
Adam C.
14:03 21 Mar 20
Melissa and Madelyn were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Fantastic first time visit. The Max pen was a perfect suggestion. I'll definitely be coming back. Thank you ladies!read more
Cody Purvis
Cody P.
13:36 24 Feb 20
Muv is great. My favorite new dispensary. They have great prices. Friendly staff and a drive-Thur. I have used the drive-Thur it’s fast and Easy. They have inhalers no one else’s has and they work great and quick. All there produce that I have tried which is many are very high quality. I would definitely recommend them.read more
Ellis Dieguez-Gee
Ellis D.
20:52 22 Feb 20
Best dispensary in town! Friendly employees with amazing customer service. Great product and variety plus the big one...availability!read more
Triston Everett
Triston E.
00:11 19 Feb 20
decent place so far i love the location. the but tender was nice and so was the front counter woman. ill be back. hope fl can eventually pass home grow i want some clones 🙂read more
Reed Fetter
Reed F.
19:54 12 Feb 20
This dispensary is great! Everyone is so friendly and fairly knowledgeable about their products considering how new they are! Customer service is awesome, and the inside of the dispensary looks stunning. Drew does such a great job helping run the show! The product is also great for the price. You can tell they care about patients here. Thanks guys!read more
Joe Gamalero
Joe G.
15:58 30 Jan 20
First time ever going to a MUV was in Gainesville Florida and needless to say it was an absolutely horrible experience, but being at the grand opening here was amazing, they took care of all of us customers. Thanks Ron And the crew there for an excellent second time experience.!! Great products. The best in town!read more
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