Amazon Hemp Ltd., a subsidiary company of AMAZONAS FLORES (OTCMKTS:AZFL) issued an announcement on the completion of its Cannabidiol products formulations and the anticipated launching date for its introductory products.

The details

Amazon Hemp posted that consumer product testing is going on as planned for completion by the last week of December, results so far have been promising and the firm continues on time for the releasing of the first offerings in January 2018. The firm also posted that it has obtained its initial substantial buy order for $100,000 to offer products to Bonsai Med Spa Inc in January. The new account offers doctor offices across South Florida.

Amazon Flores subsidiary reported that its formulators have also posted progress in the second product to be introduced in February. The firm is utilizing innovative flavors and tinctures that it projects will offer a top quality option to those Cannabidiol products available in the market, many of which have failed to witness the best success for lack of strength and taste of effectiveness. It further updated on its initiatives it intends to take for making its planned launches a success.

Amazon Flores stated that the firm is taking all of the required measures to ensure its offerings are proven through comprehensive customer testing before it targets for mass sales in 2018. The testing is being performed since the week post-Thanksgiving and the firm formulators are confident depending on the outcome so far that the items to be introduced will be successful and extensively accepted in the marketplace.

One of the formulators mentioned that their offerings are top of the line, no cost was barred recorded too much by company in its budget and orders for formulation of product. The management project them to have a remarkable degree of presence on the market.