Ballot Language: Expands current restrictions on lobbying for compensation by former public officers; creates restrictions on lobbying for compensation by serving public officers and former justices and judges; provides exceptions; prohibits abuse of a public position by public officers and employees to obtain a personal benefit.

How The Amendment Reached The Ballot: Constitution Revision Commission

What Your Vote Means: A Yes vote on this measure: prevents public officers from lobbying for compensation during their term and for six years thereafter. A No vote on this measure: does not create any additional lobbying restrictions forpublic officers.

Pro: This amendment would establish some of the most expansive ethical standards for public servants across the country. Those in favor of this measure would claim that elected officials should fulfill their role as public servants and not be allowed to then capitalize on their elected office. The measure holds public officers to a standard befitting the duty they take on. Officials owe an obligation to their constituents to refrain from reaping a disproportional benefit because of their post. This measure would extend the current limitation on public officials from two years to six years.

Cons: Those opposed to this measure would highlight some shortcomings

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