4-year-old Bruno Stillo suffers from the most severe form of epilepsy. Regular medicines don’t help. Marijuana does. But he can;t legally get it in Florida. (© Jennifer Kaczmarek)

By Jennifer Kaczmarek

There is only one question we should be asking ourselves in the debate over medical marijuana. That question should be, To what lengths would you go to save your loved one?  I hope your answer is that you would do whatever it takes to not see the person you love suffer.

It’s time to let go of the fear and panic and remember that marijuana is a natural plant, not a harmful, synthetic chemical that can cause horrifying side effects or even death, though that sort of pharmaceutical is the only legally available option to us now.

Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Imagine your loved one–your daughter, your son, your mother, your father–unable to speak, walk, eat or use the bathroom unassisted, or have uncontrollable seizures. It can leave you feeling helpless. It can leave you wondering if you’re witnessing your loved one’s last breath. Or how about when you’re told that a particular medication will work, only to find out that it has layered the problems in the most horrific ways, creating more harm than good. Now your loved one is dealing with hallucinations, speaking suicidal thoughts, developing lupus, diabetes, and who knows what other afflictions.

This is the reality for thousands. I have seen it in just the 10 souls I have met in my work as a documentary photographer. It’s a cruel, unnecessary reality that can end Tuesday. So, what are we afraid of?  And what do we have to lose? Remember, these may be shoes that you are left to fill one day.

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