Following the new rules adopted by the Florida House of Representatives to make state government more transparent and accountable, introduced by newly elected House Speaker Richard Corcoran, the libertarian-oriented Americans for Prosperity-Florida expressed its support on Tuesday.

“We are especially eager to see Speaker Corcoran’s new House rules in action,” said state director Chris Hudson. “These new rules are a strong signal to Floridians that the Legislature will focus on good stewardship and transparency as their guide throughout the next two years.”

Included in the approved package of proposals is a requirement for lobbyists to submit paperwork the first time they meet with anyone in the House on an issue or a bill; requiring lobbyists to list the particular issues of a bill before they can lobby them, and a ban on lobbyists texting lawmakers during committee hearings.

In addition to Corcoran’s election, the House and Senate voted for new leaders selected years ago.

“We are excited to begin working on holding elected officials accountable for the 2017 session,” said Hudson. “We heard Senate President Joe Negron, Speaker Richard Corcoran, and leaders Janet Cruz and Oscar Braynon lay out aggressive agendas for the coming years. Our hope is that these lawmakers, and both legislative bodies, rise to the principled standards they laid out in order to advance freedom for Florida families and entrepreneurs.”

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