Amid violent siege of U.S. Capitol, Ted Cruz pleads for cash

A violent mob, sporting MAGA hats and draped in American flags, stormed the U.S. Capitol this afternoon.

They reached the Senate floor. Lawmakers were evacuated. A woman was shot. President Donald Trump offered an impotent call for peace, not even asking his supporters to leave the building.

American democracy is on fire, and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t about to let this crisis go to waste.

At 3:12 p.m., as the lawlessness reached a crescendo, the Texas Republican sent a text blast to his supporters asking them for cash.

The likely 2024 presidential candidate played the victim, saying “the Democrats are aiming the full force of their fire at me, and they’re not going to be letting up any time soon.”

He’s “angered” by election officials who supposedly acted “outside of their constitutional authority to rewrite voting laws” — a statement that reeks of projection considering he and his colleagues are attempting subvert the will of American voters.

He needs your cash to “push back against the radical left” — an ask that would be comical if the radical right weren’t threatening the very lives of congressional leaders.

He says he’s “leading the fight to

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