An Ode to The Bachelorette's Brendan Morais and His Very Stylish Turtlenecks

Call us crazy, but the swagger of a turtleneck absolutely could have contributed to her first impression of him. For a second, consider that some of pop culture’s most stylish men—Marlon Brando, Yves Saint Laurent, Timothée Chalamet—have all been fans of the one-piece frock. And as someone who described herself as working in the “fashion and beauty space,” Tayshia must have an appreciation for a man who can put himself together elegantly—without her help.

Now, it has to be noted Brendan wasn’t alone in parting with the traditional suited up look. Similarly, 26-year-old Demar Jackson wore a blazer with a crew neck T-shirt that said, It’s 2020, we’re better than this. But still, it was ultimately Mr. Roofer that won her over and already has fans buzzing about his potential.

Will turtlenecks continue to contribute to his overall success on the show? If Tayshia’s heart goes aflutter, our new theory just might prove to be true. 

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