It was a telling moment during the recent gubernatorial debate when Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum was challenged for having a more-than-cordial relationship with radical activist group the Dream Defenders. 

“Andrew signed a pledge with the Dream Defenders,” Gillum’s opponent Ron DeSantis stated in Tampa Sunday night, “pledging to support this radical manifesto.”

Some Floridians might not understand the Dream Defenders’ “manifesto” or the extent of Gillum’s interest in it.

This is a radical organization that demands an end to “disaster capitalism,” espouses socialist-style principals, rants against Independence Day and is active in the movement to boycott Israel while promoting anti-Israel conspiracies.

And Gillum and the Dream Defenders have had a long, close relationship which, frankly, has been largely unexplored in the mainstream media. 

The Defenders’ agenda is so markedly anti-police and socialist in nature that last week the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, the union for Broward deputies — traditionally as blue as their uniforms — came out in support of Republican DeSantis.

Jeff Bell, president of the union, explained why.

“When you look at Mr. Gillum’s track record, and with his association with groups such as the Dream Defenders, which is an anti-law enforcement, anti-government radical group, which calls for Andrew Gillum to

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