Anna Eskamani: The right to a structurally sound school

Schools in Florida have captured headlines in recent years — and not for the right reasons.

Residents have been surprised to learn that some of the state’s private schools fail to meet minimum safety and sanitation requirements. In fact, some parts of Florida don’t even have enough shelters to protect students during hurricanes.

This is particularly startling given that Florida is one of the five states most likely to be hit by a natural disaster.

Despite the risks, there is currently no law in Florida to ensure that the schools our children attend every day are structurally sound.

This has to change, and we plan on doing so through the Students’ Bill of Rights.

Today, the Florida Building Code requires traditional public schools to meet certain safety standards, but some other schools that accept taxpayer dollars don’t need to adhere to these requirements.

This means that some private schools and some charter schools are offering kids unsafe playgrounds, deficient air conditioning systems and equipment prone to electrical and mechanical malfunctions.

The potential risks are of course further exposed during a natural disaster.

To make matters worse, nearly $1 billion in taxpayer dollars is diverted to

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