Anna Faris Sure, I Love My New BF!!! But Will I Marry Him? Umm …


Anna Faris doesn’t seem so sure about getting hitched again — but it’s not because she doesn’t love her new BF… she’s just not in love with the institution of marriage.

The actress revealed her hesitations about getting married for a third time while sitting down with Disso Queen Laura Wasser for her podcast, “Divorce Sucks!” Laura asks her point blank — wedding bells with Michael Barrett, Anna’s new bae of about a year and a half?

Check out Anna’s response … she doesn’t answer definitively one way or another, but does seem to be leaning more on the “no” side than “yes.” 

Her reasoning … Anna says she’s got issues with the legal implications of getting married on paper, although she does note that she believes in monogamy and commitment. That idea’s not so new — tons of celebs have long-term relationships without ever tying the knot.

Anna’s talk on another potential marriage comes a week after she told Laura that her ex-hubby, Chris Pratt, gave her a heads-up that he was gonna propose to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

Sounds like Anna’s navigating

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