Anonymous leak targets former Florida Sergeant-at-Arms Tim Hay

An unredacted report from a long-closed investigation into former Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Tim Hay resurfaced this week, but he and his new employer say there’s no there there.

The report, from 2018, addresses several allegations levied against Hay, some of them unrelated to his official duties, including an insinuation of marital infidelity.

The more salacious accusations lack substance. According to the report, most are based on second-hand information. With little to no evidence to back them up, investigators deemed the allegations untrue and shut the book.

Three years later, an unredacted, 85-page version of the investigative report has been leaked by an unknown party and for unknown reasons. It contains statements from Hay and eight of his then-colleagues.

Hay is now executive director of the Office of Safe Schools within the Florida Department of Education. He took over that position from Damien Kelly, the current Sergeant-at-Arms in the Senate.

DOE said it has “thoroughly examined every word” of the report and found nothing that would make Hay unfit for his current role. A department spokeswoman also questioned why the report is resurfacing now.

“We’re grateful to have Tim Hay with the Department, leading the Office of

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