A political mailer being distributed in Florida’s 18th state Senate District has brought Dana Young and Joe Redner and Bob Buesing together — to criticize it.

For all intents and purposes, it looks like a mailer from the Redner campaign, referring to him as a “Bernie Sanders progressive” and criticizing Young as “just another Republican” and Democrat Bob Buesing as a “Rick Scott crony.”

However, it’s not paid for by Redner, but instead by a mysterious third-party group called Social Justice PAC, with an address listed on Apalachee Parkway in Tallahassee. On its disclosure form, it lists one official, L. Mclnnis, as its chairperson. A phone call to the number listed for the group was not returned.

Redner, who has boasted throughout the campaign he is not bought and paid for by special interests, says he had nothing to do with the ad, and immediately blamed the Young campaign.

“She’s been smearing Bob with lies and innuendos this whole campaign,” he emailed on Thursday night. “This sleazy flier is just more of the same. You can bet it came from her, or she knows exactly who did it.”

Young emphatically denied having anything to do with the mailer, and said it was a desperate measure by Redner to even suggest she would. She added she was confident she would win the election on Tuesday, and would no longer have to deal with the negative attacks from her opponents

Buesing said he believes the mailer came from someone associated with the Republican Party of Florida.

“It’s clear to me that this comes from Dana Young supporters as an attempt to peel votes from me,” Buesing said when contacted later Friday.

The mailer says Buesing “cozied up” to Scott to get appointed to a state regulatory board. Last December, Scott selected six people to serve on the Child Care Executive Partnership, a public/private program to help employers meet

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