Updated: Nov 7, 2016 – 7:12 PM

DELTONA, Fla. – An 85-year-old woman was attacked Monday by a squirrel at a Deltona senior living facility Monday morning and injured her wrist, city of Deltona officials said.

A staff member shot the squirrel with a BB gun, officials said.

A groundskeeper later found the animal, which will be tested for rabies.

Extra squirrel traps were set around the complex.

911 caller: “I have a mid-80s female who has fallen and has sustained a squirrel bite.”

Operator: “A squirrel bite?”

Caller: “Yes.”

Company officials said they have put up signs warning residents about the squirrels.

It was the second reported squirrel incident at the Sterling Court apartments in Volusia County.

Three people were injured last week in another squirrel attack.

“They were all screaming their heads off trying to get the squirrel out,” said previous victim Phyllis Thrush.

Officials with the company that runs Sterling Court could do not know whether it is the same squirrel.

Thrush had to get 11 stitches on her arm.

“A lady had a bad place on her forehead where he had jumped on her and another lady had scratches on her hand,” said Thrush.

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