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The Wellness Center, Assistant Manager is a health professional with a background in health, fitness and nutrition that can counsel patients on a holistic approach to life and living. You understand different methods of health empowerment and you present yourself in a professional manner. You have a passion for life, wellness and healthy living and you want to share your passion. Because patients require proper support in connection with the solutions Surterra has to offer, you are compassionate, positive, loving, caring, full of life and energy, and knowledgeable and able to explain the holistic approaches to life. Your decisions as assistant manager will be informed by your knowledge of healthy living and health maintenance. You will beam Empower Your Health.


  • Customer Service and Record-Keeping:
  • Welcome patients as they enter the facility. Provide exceptional services for new and existing customers, answer any questions they may have and provide brief orientations when needed.
  • Obtain the appropriate documentation from each patient at every visit and ensure the validity of his or her identification and registration with the state of Florida.
  • Record each visit using appropriate HIPPA compliant software, ensuring accuracy of patient information, and recording notes if necessary.
  • Communicate with employees to maintain a steady patient traffic flow to maximize access to services and products and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Record and collaborate with the dispensary and transportation employees about preorders and online orders to ensure patient access, accurate order information and timeliness of delivery.
  • Respond to and resolve patient requests, complaints, or compliments in person, through email, and on the phone requesting supervisor support as needed.
  • Coordinate with the Store Manager regarding patient services, inventory, and store supplies.
  • Maintain organization of desk space and waiting room through daily upkeep and light cleaning.
  • Responsible for store opening and possibly store closing.
  • Route media calls to the appropriate manager immediately (do not comment unless authorized to do so).
  • Assist managers with research, communications, or any other assigned projects/task.
  • Comply with Surterra’s current policies and procedures and applicable state and local laws.
  • Cannabis based Education and Guidance:
  • Maintain knowledge of all applicable state and local laws, as well as documentation processes in accordance with the State of Florida Office of Compassionate Use.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the Cannabis based therapeutics, and services provided at Company.
  • Educate and assist patients with access to their medicine including the processes of registration, renewals, lost registration documents, etc.
  • Provide educational materials and resources for patients and caregivers as needed.
  • Record specific requests, preferences, and notes concerning patient registration status using appropriate software.
  • Maintain awareness of patient input and suggest changes to improve service or product.
  • Documentation:
  • Prepare documents as needed to assist patients in registering with the State of Florida Office of Compassionate Use.
  • Ensure all patient files are current and required documentation is on file and follows all guidelines issued by the State of Florida and HIPPA.
  • Maintain patient database: enter new patients, add or remove memberships as required, update changes in information, schedule appointments and update patient registration status.
  • Maintain caregiver paperwork in accordance with the State of Florida; maintain tracking in system and communicating changes to physicians.
  • Maintain and update online and physical pamphlets as needed.
  • Responsible for outgoing and incoming mail distribution and ensuring post office box is collected weekly.
  • Inventory:
  • Understand patient need and demand and utilize such understanding to plan for and ensure Patient access to Wellness Center products.
  • Properly account for and secure all inventories at all times through the supply chain.
  • Utilize Inventory control measures to ensure the company provides the highest quality medicine by minimizing inventory-holding times and maximizing stock systems and accuracy.
  • Ensure incoming product is received and managed appropriately and according to company procedures and applicable laws.
  • Provide tools to keep patients informed regarding their choice of Wellness Center products based upon inventory levels and supply chains.
  • Oversee the proper and timely ordering and distribution of all Wellness Center products including services, cannabis, other products and supplies.
  • Organize, manage, and assist in daily physical inventory counts.
  • Complete inventory procedure using appropriate software and respond to any discrepancies by notifying the Store Manager and investigating reasons for the discrepancy.
  • Record daily deliveries to reconcile inventory.
  • Place orders to replenish stock avoiding insufficiencies or excessive surplus.
  • Report to upper management stock levels, issues, etc.
  • Inventory Reporting and Documentation:
  • Ensure inventory counts are performed on schedule with accurate results, and the proper documentation is being executed and filed.
  • Immediately report any discrepancies to the store manager.
  • Develop monthly summaries for the Store Manager detailing inventory levels and discrepancies and explaining how inventory issues have been resolved and/or mitigated.
  • Inventory Management:
  • Manage inventory models ensuring that the patients of the Wellness Center have access to the right cannabis and non-cannabis products, and these products are appropriately located throughout the store.
  • Anticipate and Monitor obsolete cannabis and non-cannabis products by understanding patient needs and advancements in holistic health. Identify and suggest items for disposition.
  • Use the proper protocols to supervise the handling of returned and damaged products.


  • A degree in healthcare.
  • A minimum of 10 years experience in a healthcare organization and 5 years in a supervisory role.
  • Knowledge of customer service, inventory management (including software) and regulatory compliance.
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team.
  • Accurate data-entry and record keeping.
  • Ability to answer multi-phone line system.
  • Strong attention to detail, organizational skills and time management abilities.
  • Premier customer service skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing and challenging environment.
  • Proficiency in windows-based software and Internet navigation.
  • Knowledge of the State of Florida Cannabis Based Therapeutics’ policy and law.
  • Ability to make decisions as necessary with oversight when needed.


Must be able to remain in a stationary position 75% of the time.

The person in this position needs to occasionally move about inside the office to access file cabinets, office machinery, etc.

Constantly operates a computer and other office productivity machinery

The person in this position frequently communicates with other employees/customers. Must be able to exchange accurate information in these situations.

6 Core Values of a Surterra Employee

Integrity – We operate in a regulated and unchartered industry. Act and make decisions that stand up to scrutiny and reflect our position as a sophisticated, credible and respected leader. Be honest, trustworthy, dependable, and honorable. Demonstrate sound moral and ethical ways of interacting.

Collaboration – We are a collection of the best talent at all levels. Learn and grow from this diversity: welcome healthy debate and proactively seek other perspectives and points of view to find the best solution while not resting on consensus. Proactively ensure the right people have the right information at the right time. Work as a team vs. an individual performer.

Agility – We are growing incredibly fast in a new industry. Be open to change, be ready to pivot on the moment’s notice, and act with a sense of urgency to take advantage of opportunities. Then be ready to do it again. Quickly –and calmly -respond and adapt to the unexpected. Modify and streamline processes, find more efficient ways of doing your job. Work efficiently across markets, time zones, and functions.

Intentionality – Intentionality requires action –it makes your intentions happen. Good thoughts are meaningless without action. It is initiative directed by the purpose to move our business forward. Intentionality is doing things important to you, even when not easy. Transformational change happens with intentionally.

Alignment – Together, we must understand and believe in our vision, mission, business and team goals and priorities. When we make a decision, even when we don’t have consensus we all align behind that decision and execute. We don’t revisit decisions unless we have material new data or circumstances.

Accountability – Make the best proactive and reactive decisions given the available information and the wisest counsel. • Own your decisions, actions and outcomes, and promptly correct mistakes. • Be reliable, honor commitments and do not finger point, off-load responsibilities, or criticize co-workers. Look after co-workers and team’s success.

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