HOLLYWOOD – In the immediate aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s stunning Electoral College loss to Donald Trump for the presidency last November, Democrats took to writing think pieces and conducting heated arguments about how they lost working class white voters.

Was it too much of “identity politics”? Were they too elitist?

Joe Biden has heard and read about those discussions, and he’s sick of them.

“This phony debate going in the Democratic Party, the Hobbesian choice that we’re given – we either become less progressive, and focus on working folks, or forget about working folk. and become more progressive,” he said while giving the keynote speech to more than 1,200 Democrats at the party’s Leadership Blue Gala at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood.

“There is no need to choose, they are not inconsistent,” he said to a cheering crowd.

Easy for him to say. Biden’s unique political persona as a longtime member of the Senate representing Delaware has been one of representing the working class whites that Clinton lost to Trump last fall.

Biden himself thought hard about running for president, but with no clear daylight and so much of the Democratic Party establishment supporting Clinton (including President Obama), he opted to stand down during the last election cycle, but made the case on Saturday that the party could win back those voters, with an obvious inference being that he could be that candidate to do so in 2020.

Citing congressional ratings that showed him to be among the top ten liberal senators in the nation in his 36-year career, Biden said he has been a progressive and someone who could capture the working class vote, so Democrats should know that they could get those votes as well.

“These folks we’re talking about who left us – they voted for a black man named Barack Obama!” 

In fact,

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