Attorneys want sanctions against DOJ over 2020 census data

Attorneys for a coalition of municipalities and advocacy groups say they plan to seek court sanctions against Trump administration attorneys for refusing to turn over data and documents about the quality of the 2020 census as part of a lawsuit over the once-a-decade count of every U.S. resident.

Attorneys for the coalition said Monday in a court filing that the Department of Justice has produced data reports for only half of the requests they have made. When Trump administration attorneys did provide information, it was buried in thousands of pages of irrelevant material such as emails for pizza and handbag advertisements and LinkedIn notifications, according to the court filing.

The attorneys for the coalition described the Trump administration’s playbook as “deny information and the existence of documents; produce dribs and drabs only when ordered or uncovered; attempt to hide as many documents as possible under exaggerated and improper claims of privilege; and do everything to try and run out the clock.”

The Department of Justice is representing the Census Bureau, and the Commerce Department, which oversees the statistical agency, in the lawsuit. A hearing on the documents was scheduled for late Monday.

In the same court filing, the Trump administration attorneys

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