Sen. Audrey Gibson has been looking at running for chair of the Duval County Democratic Party for months now, and this week she made her move.

In an email sent out just after midnight to officers and members of the Duval Democratic Executive Committee Thursday, Gibson announced her candidacy, “a decision made after several months of thought, research, and reflection.”

“I believe we are well poised to help elect a Democrat governor, and other local and state officials,” Gibson wrote, “and we must immediately lay the foundation to make it happen.”

Updated bylaws are one component of her plan. Recruiting precinct committee members to “work the precinct” is another component. Also integral to Gibson’s platform: a youth movement.

“Increasing the number of vice chairs to give multigenerational opportunities for leadership roles and participation in developing standard areas of focus that we don’t have to reinvent every election cycle, like communications, field, social media, data and technology, all of which will help us with continual outreach,” Gibson wrote.

Gibson has taken a leadership role in the party in recent months, helping to ensure Tracie Davis got the nomination and got elected to replace Reggie Fullwood in House District 13. Gibson also led an ultimately unsuccessful campaign against the pension reform referendum on the Duval County ballot, contending the regressive taxation unduly penalized lower-income residents.

Gibson isn’t the only one making moves.

Darren Mason, an assistant to Jacksonville City Councilwoman Joyce Morgan, cites his “ambitious nature” as a selling point for his bid for vice-chair.

Mason notes, in his email declaring his candidacy, that the party has “not done a good job” reaching out to all communities in Jacksonville, and he would prioritize community engagement.

Mason also advocates a full-time executive director position: “I believe that, with the donor base in Jacksonville, we need a strong and pragmatic

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