Bears' Nagy hands over playcalling duties to OC

5:42 PM ET

LAKE FOREST, Ill. — Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy announced Friday that he turned over offensive playcalling duties to coordinator Bill Lazor ahead of Monday night’s NFC North game versus the Minnesota Vikings.

“It’s just kind of where we’re at,” Nagy said on a video call after Friday’s practice. “You get a feel and you understand, ‘OK, this is where our offense is at right now,’ and we’ve been struggling and for different reasons. I don’t think it’s one particular reason, but if there’s something that can help spark us, or sometimes it’s just a changeup.

“It’s like bringing in, for instance, a different-style pitcher. You have one pitcher that throws one way, now you have another pitcher that throws another way. Sometimes change can be good in that regard, so again, none of it was for a particular reason other than we’ve just been struggling, and I feel like it’s the best thing for this team.”

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