Bears to resume activities Fri. after positive test

10:11 PM ET

The Chicago Bears have been cleared by the NFL to resume football-related activities at their team facility on Friday, the team announced.

The Bears paused all in-person work and closed Halas Hall on Thursday morning after another player tested positive for COVID-19. The Bears finished the day by holding virtual meetings as the team prepares to play at Tennessee on Sunday.

Bears coach Matt Nagy said on a video call Thursday afternoon that the player who tested positive was waiting for the results of a second test to confirm the COVID-19 diagnosis.

“You have somebody test positive and then you go through the process of the steps of actually confirming it,” Nagy said. “There’s a process to it, and that’s kind of where they’re at right now. We just wanted to let them do that, and while they’re doing that, we wanted to make sure that, hey, with that being done, let’s go ahead and let’s just right now get everybody home, make sure everybody’s good, get a deep cleanse of the building, and be able to just continue with where we’re at until we get more answers as to where we stand and then we

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