Ben Smith's Fate With Tayshia Adams Revealed After He Returns to The Bachelorette

Ben Smith is hoping for a second chance after Bachelorette Tayshia Adams sent him packing during hometowns. 

During this week’s two-night finale, the fitness coach surprised the Bachelorette just moments after Brendan Morais decided to leave. Ben’s reason for returning? He’s finally ready to share how he feels about her. 

On Monday night’s episode, he confessed, “I blew it by not telling you in the moment. I’ve never felt this feeling so I was just terrified. But I am in love you. The life we could have together; the thought of that keeps me awake at night… I just had to tell you.”

The episode ended with Tayshia walking off, but tonight picked back up with a conversation between Tayshia and a producer. “I really care about Ben, but I sent him home for a reason,” she says.

Tayshia then returns to the room to question why he’s spilling his heart to her now, before telling him he’s allowed to attend the rose ceremony. 

Then, as he leaves her room, they kiss, a decision that Tayshia herself questions in the confessional. Literally, she exclaimed, “Why did I kiss him?!”

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