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Top Cannabis Stocks In 2021 And Federal Cannabis Reform

Are you looking for the best marijuana stocks to buy this week in November? Since the announcement of a GOP legislation the State’s Reform Act being introduced in Congress, we have seen some activity with the top cannabis stocks. At first marijuana stocks began to show some upside on the initial announcement but now that upward momentum has faded. – MarijuanaStocks

To close last week Washington DC lawmakers met to push bills through that would legalize recreational marijuana and expand medical cannabis in the district. As the market continues to climb this week many top pot stocks are trading near the lowest price points, they have seen this year.  For new investors, this could be an opportunity to find top marijuana stocks at a better value. As the potential of reaching federal cannabis reform increases cannabis stocks could bounce off these lower levels.

One-way investors are taking advantage of the increased price volatility is by trading marijuana penny stocks. For those unfamiliar with penny stocks, these are any stocks trading under $5. Considered a higher risk-reward investment many investors trade cannabis penny stocks on a short-term basis. In general,

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