Florida Dispensaries Shop Platform/Mobile App BETA Test - Completed

***FL Dispensaries BETA Tester Registration Is Closed***

Thank you!

Your 2019 BETA Test Winners

1. Patricia B
2. Jeff B
3. David C
4. Vicki S
5. David R
6. Rose A
7. John W
8. Kristi G
9. Alex F
10. Allen E
11. Joseph M
12. Austin J
13. Desiree R
14. Laurie P
15. Terry K
Paul C
Marc S
Laurie M
Chris C
Richard T
Kymberly H
Mark S
Nellie W
Angie M
Lisa S
Tonya P
Allison C
Kim M
Heather A
James A
Steve P
Justin E
Nan N
Susan J
Michael R
Michelle E
David M
Keri W
Dean N
Cleaveland F
Ramon T
Sarah C
Kathleen H
Amber B
Cesar P
Leah A
Adriana L
Thomas H
Michael S
Patrick C
Steven H
Robert M
Tamara F
Lisa P
Ruben J
Susan K
Robb S
Paul J
Larry D
Bryan O
Mark A
Gerald M
Branda B
Vanessa E
Mike K
Charles M
Leona W
Barbara V
Johnny R
Mari R
Lydia M
David M
Jeff D
Jodie K
Caleb G
Jim G
Ellen B
Michael K
Louis J
Kessa E
Cynthia W
Elaine C
Diane B
Pam S
Carl A
Helen S
Laura K
Christopher M
Jorge F
Jan K
Stacy T
Tyler F
Debbie M
Lisa A
Alexis H
Randy C
Francesco T
Anita G
Barbee C
Donald H
Donna P
Jason P
Arielle B
Raquel B
Venetia P
Cash N
Dawn H
David M
Jonathon C
Kim L
Patricia T
Alyssa M
Kay H
Michele K
Marisa H
Bobby W
Pamela M
Angela S
Rob W
Jolenny P
Theresa W
Tiffany Y
Trudy G
Joe B
Yoshuan R
Kevin Y
Anthony L
Mellisa D
Felix P
Jason Y
Lawrence J
Christina S
Gwendolyn P
Angelo S
Gwendolyn M
Cindy C
Debra R
Andrew B
Ginger B
Tiffany K
Winnie M
Patricia P
Timothy H
Lillian D
Rebecca D
Dayna P
Deb B
Michele M
Allison K
Bradley R
Lala F
Lynn A
Raven L
Tom M
Tadd M
Gregory V
Kim B
Tamu B
Mathew E
Nelson P
Randy K
Rose B
Christopher M
Don U
Debra H
Cassandra C
Vic M
Paula J
Joey Y
Brenda B
Janice J
Susan B
Henry E
Katherine A
Mike A
Roy O
Kenneth J
D Hope
Shellie C
Steven S
Suzanne M
Anna M
Ashley P
Derrick K
Mathew Kane
Tom W
Robert W
Aaron K
Anne M
Barbara H
Brenda M
Brad D
Carola T

53 thoughts on “BETA Tester Sign-Up”

  1. Great info found with the beta testing. I am more partial to the old fashion Android but my iOS performed quite nicely. Both operating systems are user friendly and loaded with nifty and useful info. Info such as dispensary site info, prices per product use, different options and comment sections. Easy to navigate and the user is able to learn as much, or as little, as needed. Well done.

    Look forward to perhaps further testing.

  2. Hey guys it’s fantastic the way is all coming together,, now if “”FLD”” Can put in the APP.. a way to talk to Doctor’s with out going out of your home even better,, just for people like me!! And we need to find a way for everyone to get the Medical Card with no problems!! Thanks

  3. I too tried to sign up for the Beta Testing but as with many of the other respondents, I keep getting sent back to the 1 screen! Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!

      1. Steven
        I had no problems with FIREFOX, but if you do, I would
        then switch to Internet Explorer IE11 or higher. With
        IE11, I was able to navigate the site and problems I saw
        on one browser, also showed up the the other browser

  4. Signed up. It said Thank You. Also signed up for Newsletters. Still on same site to sign up. Was it suppose to advance to another page? If not, guess I’m good to go. Will await further instructions.

    1. Winnie B McCullar

      I signed up and received a confirmation email saying Thank You for signing up. Also, I signed up to get the newsletter. Although, it didn’t go well without glitches, it was hard to move from one line to the other. I had to hit done then enter.

  5. Michelle L Savinon

    Attempting to register, but the system isn’t working, or loading properly… can someone please help? Thank you!

  6. Patricia Wiseman

    I am already signed up. I am going after the first of the month to pick up my product from a dispensary. It would be nice if the governor could hurry the process along, it would help a lot of people along, including myself. Thank you for including me in the beta testing, looking forward to working with you on this project.

    1. What’s the job of a beta tester? Play on the unreleased platform and provide feedback so the developers can improve the product and overall user experience.

      Primary Goals:

      • Find Bugs & Quirks – Finding bugs is one of the main reasons for beta tests. You’ll report any problems you find using this platform so we can fix the bugs before launch.

      • Propose New Feature Ideas – Gathering feature requests is the second most important goal of every beta test. We want to know how we can make the product better. These are incredibly valuable as they plan the future, so don’t be afraid to submit your ideas.

      We also award prizes to the top participants. Last round we sent out 140.

      1. Your Beta Tester Sign Up Link is not functioning and I read through the comments and it seems to be the general complaint. I have many suggestions on products and promotions. I’m also a retired Customer Service Executive and gave seminars on how to be the best. #1 in customer satisfaction. Teaching the sales reps how to assist the customer in making the right decision and leaving with their day a little brighter. The Key is Product Knowledge!

    1. hi I will help you thouroughly.im39 yrs old and have med mar. im disabled mentally.physically also but not on phy. disability on psycological brain dam. pot is the only thing that remotely helps like5% which matters to me it seems smsll but 5% of it is ok for me.pick me im free and need a activity to help me keep doing stuff.thank you

  7. I’ve signed up. And never got contacted either, I am a card holder as well
    I’m not sure how all this works??
    Stacy J.

  8. Michelle Savinon

    Unable to register, does anyone have a link or something or somewhere else to become a beta tester? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Michelle Savinon

    1. Florida Dispensaries

      If it doesn’t work, refresh the page and try it again. That being stated, that’s the kind of stuff were looking for during the tests.

  9. I signed up to be a tester but I thought it read Medicare card, I answered yes. I am not a medcard holder, Sorry Donna Kordes.

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