Beyond Miami-Dade: GOP’s South Florida success stretched into deep blue Broward County

Much attention has justifiably been given to Republicans’ major wins in Miami-Dade County Tuesday night. But the party also saw success in the neighboring county to the north, particularly in a House District 93 contest some thought could be competitive.

That race saw incumbent GOP Rep. Chip LaMarca defeat Democrat Linda Thompson Gonzalez by double digits, an improvement on LaMarca’s 7-point win in 2018.

LaMarca’s district is the only district fully within deep-blue Broward County to be represented by a Republican.

While LaMarca led the money game, Thompson Gonzalez picked up her fundraising pace once the General Election began. Despite having plenty of money behind her, the Democrat performed worse than the 2018 nominee.

Anna Alexopoulos Farrar of Converge GPS worked with LaMarca on messaging and communications consulting and attributed LaMarca’s success to his consistent messaging and cross-aisle appeal.

“He actually is one of those people that does what he says he is going to do,” Alexopoulos Farrar said. “So there wasn’t a lot of spin having to be done there. His message of bipartisanship is exactly what his record shows.”

In addition to LaMarca’s win, Republican David Borrero also held the House District 105 seat for Republicans. That

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